Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Written Update 22nd November 2019: Roshni overhears the conversation of Aman and Parveen

Episode begins with a man comes to call his sisters and syma and finds out that Roshni is sitting with them. Roshni is helping everyone to dress up for the event in the evening. Aman is watching them secretly standing outside of the room. Roshni is is helping Chotu and Saima when Saima ask her to get ready for her engagement. Roshni remembers the event when she and Parveen comes face to face at any place and how she reacted. realised that Parveen is not liking her presence in the family functions and she told that she has a lot of work to do and she may not be able to attend the engagement at evening.

Sara and Saima understand why she is saying that and says please don’t feel bad for the words my mom is using for you. Actually after our father abandoned as in the middle she had become like that. Even she says so much things to us as well. Roshni says she is a mother and one shouldn’t feel bad about what a mother is saying but should obey it.

If she is not liking my presence at the family gathering so functions then let it be. Aman finally entered the room and ask roshani to get ready as the guest can arrive at any time and they need to be punctual about it. Roshni tries to say once about Parveen but he doesn’t let her complete her words and says get ready when I am saying you to. She smiles a bit and went to get ready for the event.

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Roshni is walking through the corridor when she sees Parveen is struggling to take away the gifts as there are so many and she thought to help her. Another side, Aman is discussing with his grandmother and room about the behaviour of Parveen towards Roshni. He says she shouldn’t say those words in front of kids of our family. Anjan says she was so hurt with what did to her that she has become like this. All these symptoms of chronic depression and I fear that she shouldn’t go back to that state again.

Aman says I will manage her until the marriage of Saima gets over anyhow. Roshni gets to hear a strange voice calling out her name again and again and she is not getting from where it is coming. Aman comes to his room to check if Roshni’s ready or not and he find the sitting upset and crying. He asked her why she is not ready yet? Roshni says if mom is not liking me going in the engagement then just let it be like that.

Aman says why are you overthinking? And he doesn’t magic and bring a blue saree for her and asks her to get ready. Roshni finally smiles when Aman gives her a justification that it is his sisters who wants to be in the event so there inviting her and not him. She tricked him in her words and says if you don’t go in exam to give proxy for your sister’s then why are you coming here to invite me on behalf of your sisters ? Aman realised that he can’t give a proper answer to her questions and he left from there. Roshni smiles and says Khan Baba is too cute that he remembers I like blue.

Aman comes to Parveen and tries to make her understand but she is not ready to listen to anything. Hence he told her that he is still sticking to his words of having a relation with roshani for only one month and after that there will be no connection between the two. Unfortunately Roshni gets to hear the entire conversation of both mother and son and she gets upset.

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Later in the evening, the engagement of Saima took place with her fiance. Saima announced there is an another engagement that will happen today right now. She brings Roshni and Aman on the stage and says today my brother and sister-in-law will get engaged to each other. Aman noticed that Roshni is lost.

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somewhere and nice looking upset. Both of them exchange rings but Roshni goes away from the spot as soon as the ceremony gets over. Aman comes to have a word with her but she is ignoring him hence he applied his magic and made her speak up. Roshni ask Aman why didn’t he told her that she is here in this house for only one month and she can never be his wife and a daughter in law of this house? Aman gets shocked to know that Roshni listened to his words somehow.

Precap : Roshni again hears the strange voice and comes near the book. It suddenly opened and someone is dragging her into the water.