Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Written Update 25th November 2019: Roshni is heartbroken with the revelatio

Episode begins with Roshni is living the kitchen area without answering the questions of Aman and he blocked her way by using his magic tricks. She enquired him about what all she heard from outside of the room of Aman and his mother. Roshni says she is very practical and he is not hurt with whatever he was saying. She says I am a very practical person and I am actually happy that after one month I can go back to my mother.

Parveen comes to call Aman as a stylist has come to take the measurements of everybody for making their outfit. Roshni had a phone conversation with Farah and says her about everything. She says why are you so much bothered about what Aman is saying about you. Roshni says I got affected so much with what he is thinking about me. Farah says are you in love with him by any means? Roshni says how can you think about such baseless thoughts? Will I got heartless Aman in this entire Lucknow for myself?

Shashi Singh I will not be in the eyes of even if it is cute. She is wapking near the pool at night time when Aman is checking books in the library. He asks her why she is behaving so weird and why her eyes are looking so puffy? She says she was not crying and slept for some time that’s why must be and she doesn’t want to look in his eyes. She said to me that she just went out of the room to see his house but it is not much special and ok types.

A man tries to know from her why she is behaving so odd but she covered her eyes and say that I don’t want to look at your eyes. In the morning Roshni gets up from sleep and the first thing she saw is Aman is winking at her and she is screaming in fear. Aman gets up from his sleep all shocked and terrified and asks her what happened. Roshni again uncovered her eyes and sees a man is looking at her with shock and she screamed and go out from the room. Amman thinks what a mad girl she is.


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ये जादू है जिन्न का 25 नवंबर 2019 रिटेन अपडेट: अमन ने रोशिनी और परवीन से की बातचीत

Everyone is preparing for the dinner and in the kitchen and Anjum asks what is the menu for tonight. Sara says so many things are being prepared for tonight. Sara Roshni comes there and said I should make Gajar Ka Halwa as I can make it very good. Anjum happily agreed to her and says ok you can make it for tonight. Parveen gets angry and left the kitchen when Roshni goes behind her. She calls are as mother and tries to talk to her but she told her rudely that she is not her mother and ki doesn’t prefer Roshni calling her mother. Roshni says OK I will not call you mother but you are very nice person so I can’t stop myself from addressing you as mother.

Roshni says to Parveen I know I have made so many mistakes but if you can then please give me one chance to prove myself. Parveen says chances are given to people whom we considered as own not to the people who are outsiders. Roshni says yes I know I am here for just one month, when you have tolerated me already for these many days please tolerate me for one more month for the sake of Khan Baba.

Parveen says if you are really worried about a month then you should have left the house right now. Aman listens to the entire conversation from a distance and he feels bad for Roshni. Chhotu asks Aman if Roshni did anything bad to Parveen ever that she always gets angry on seeing her? He says he doesn’t like when his aunty Roshni cries as she is a very nice person. Aman says magic doesn’t work on emotions and heart but everything will be sorted out.

Roshni comes near the library area again and again gets to hear that strange voice calling out her name. This time she goes near the place from where the voice is coming. As soon as it comes in the book where the illusion well is hiding, the book opens automatically and the water starts to pull Roshni inside it. Roshni struggling to save herself but the pull is so hard that she is not able to cope up with it.

Precap : Aman comes there and he tries to save Roshni.