Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Written Update 2nd January 2020: Kabir makes an unwanted entry in the birthday party

Episode begins with the insects left by Parveen captured the entire table and the food kept on it. They eat up all the snacks and chocolates kept on the table. Roshni is standing in front of the table and Chotu noticed it. He says you ate up all my snacks aunty, Roshni looks behind and says I didn’t had. Everyone remembers how she can eat up all those things at a go. Chhotu says you can have the entire tiffin boxes of mine class kids at a time.

Aman says to Chotu that do not worry I am here and he does his magic again and all the snacks and chocolates came back on the table. Roshni says I have something to discuss with you to Aman but he again ignored her and went up to make the birthday cake for Chotu. Aman bakes the cake in front of chhotu with the help of Saima and Sara.

Whereas the insects who has magical powers destroyed the library and the tables. They came out from the kitchen and cuts the cake with the full family and celebrating when the table broke down on the floor suddenly. Aman noticed the insects and realised this is something done by magic. He asked everybody to step back and do not move from its place.

The insects are coming towards Roshni and she gets terrified. Aman does magic and rescued Roshni but she talked in a very rude way with him and the family which seems unusual to everybody. She says whatever happened between us after that I don’t want to be with you. Aman noticed something and says if you want to go then you can go I will not stop you and she went from the house. After she left, Aman says she called me Aman, not Khan Baba. Aman says Roshni will never talk to us like this, it was Kabir not Roshni and he did it earlier too.

Kabir comes back in the house again and says you are more smarter than I thought of you. He appears in his original form in front of him and says I came here to meet my brother. A man says whatever you have it’s against my family and me and not Roshni, leave her alone.

Kabir presented so many Roshnis in front of Aman. he says if you are in love with someone truly then you will be able to recognise who is your real Roshni among this. He starts to stab one after another person standing there as Roshni and says let me check which one is the original. Aman things just like I can’t see Roshni in pain in a similar way, even she can’t see me in pain.

He purposely hurt himself and the real Roshni comes out herself from the spell of Kabir. She gives Kabir an angry look and hits but he vanished from there. Roshni comes back and goes to a month and ask what is the reason of your hurting yourself? Aman says my wounds will get healed on their own, hence I have to do it.

Roshni says that what Kabir told you I didn’t want to say the same to you. She says I want to say that I will never leave you alone and go from this house. Even if you mistreat me once then you have repented for your dates enough and now I will stay with you and my family in this house only. She hugs Aman and all goes awww for them.

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