Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Written Update 3rd December 2019: Roshni is blamed and slammed by the in-laws of Saima

Episode begins with Saima is looking for his family members while decked up in a bridal dress. She comes down while searching for them and gets shocked to see all are looking at her with wide eyes. Everyone puts a black glares on eyes and danced on a tamil song. Everyone is busy celebrating and dancing for the marriage ceremony while the PA of Aman is trying to call him continuously to let him know that Roshni had withdrawn 5 crores from his account.
Baazigar noticed Rakh Jinn in the house and tries to indicate Aman about the same but before he can see anything she already found out the Pital darwaja and enters it.

Aman finds nothing upon reaching the room and asks Baazigar to come out. The assistant of Aman informed him finally that we had withdrawn the money and Aman gets angry on Roshni. Roshni says we will talk about it later after the marriage. They all get settled for the marriage and qazi starts the process of marriage. Saima already said yes for the marriage and it was the turn of Aftab.

Aftab was going to say qubool Hai when Sameer’s wife comes there and says this marriage won’t take place today. Everyone is taken aback by her words. She puts the blame on Roshni for calling her husband again and again from last night. She says if the character of the daughter in law of this house is this much cost in how can I rely on the daughter of the house. Anjum takes the side of Roshni and say how come you just blame our daughter in law Roshni like that.

She says Aman to check the phone of Roshni and confirmed it in front of everyone. Sameer is smiling to see his plan is working perfectly. Roshni on the other hand understands that shiv auto from the marriage with Sameer and rejected him and he is taking revenge for that. Aman is going to check the messages of roshani but then roshani realised that the video is still in the messages and if he checked the inbox he will get to see the video of Saima as well.

She decides to shield Saima hence she takes the phone from Aman’s hand and says there is no point in pretending anymore as everything is out in the open. She says to Aman that you strikes a deal with me and it was not a proper marriage. you are anyway going to throw me out within one month so I have to plan for my future. A life doesn’t complete in one month. Sara and Saima who are aware about the whole thing standing there silently but feels bad for Roshni. Aman says to Aftab and his family that if they are breaking the marriage just because Roshni is the daughter in law of the house tension will no longer be the doctrine of the house and he is calling off his marriage with Roshni right now. Saima cries to hear this and Roshni feels sad as she knows this is coming.

Precap – Aman throws Roshni out of the house.