Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Written Update 5th December 2019: Salma confessed the truth to Aman

Episode begins with Aman is walking in the corridor of the house. He gets to hear that Chotu is upset with Roshni not being at home. Even Baazigar refused to come to Aman. a man gets irritated and when his assistant called him for embayment he shouted at him and breaks his phone. He is so upset that nothing is happening good around him. Roshni in her house is finding something in the drive in she noticed the medicines. She thinks in her mind my mom is not taking the medicine properly it seems and then she noticed the medical report by City Hospital. She gets to know finally that Salma pretends to be hospitalized and ill whereas as she has no such problem of heart at first place. She breaks down on the bed when Salma comes and says don’t you get mad at me? you always used to scold me whenever I did something wrong then why are you silent today? Roshni is speaking nothing and is crying silently. Salma cries keeping her head in her lap and says I did pretend to be ill because I become greedy.

In the house, baby is saying to undo that she is happy today that she has got a habit of forgetting things. she says I will definitely not able to remember what happened yesterday but you people will not be able to do it. Anjum says sometimes I am not getting exactly what happened and how should I react? Parveen comes and says that you people are getting sad for no reason. It is good that a girl like Roshni is out of the life of Aman. Suddenly Salma entered the house asking for Aman in a loud voice. Parveen asks her who are you and how come you just enter the house like that? Salma says to Parveen that I am a mother of that girl whom you people throw out of the house.

Parveen says a courtsean doesn’t talk in such a high voice with a royal family member. Salma says for the first time I have come in the house of my daughter so I will not go without meeting my son in law.

Parveen get angry to hear the words and Salma says did you feel hurt because I addressed you with this relationship? Salma keeps on asking for Aman when Aman says from behind that I am here why are you making a fuss in the house? She says when you have need you married my girl out of her wish and when you have done with your need you just throw her out of the house like she never existed. Salma finally confessed to Aman about everything and says whatever happened till today is because of me and my greed for money. Roshni has no clue about Sameer is being married or I am pretending to be ill. Parveen says if Roshni is such a nice girl then why she took out 5 crores from the cheque. Salma comes there and says to Aman about all what happened the previous night of her marriage? She says that Roshni used that cheque for me and not for herself.

Precap – Aman goes to bring back Roshni but she has left.