Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Written Update 6th December 2019: Roshni left her house and goes somewhere else

Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Episode begins with Saima is confessing to Aman there is a video of her and Aftab together unfortunately someone else get old of it and she got scared. Sara says neither we nor our sister-in-law Roshni had any idea that all these are done by brother-in-law of Aftab, Sameer. Aman remembered the words of Sameer used to provoke her. Salma says I knew this that she is not at fault and she always takes the flame of someone else wrong deeds. I knew this from long but the sad thing is no one is able to notice it. Salma says to Aman your faith has given you diamond to cherish but you to throw it out of the window thinking it as a piece of glass. If it is your sister or your mother at the place of Roshni you will never take Sachin decision because you considered them family and the truth is you never considered Roshni as a part of your family.

Aman feels guilty for his deeds and he remembers the moments he spent with Roshni in the house. All his family members gathered there and says we will come with you to bring back Roshni. Aman comes to the house of Roshni to bring her back but gets to know there that Roshni has left the house already and left from there.

Aman reads the letter of Roshni and leaves to look for her. He is being haunted by those hurting words of him for Roshni and he finally had enough. He gets out of his car and broke his car in aggression and shouts in pain. Here all the Rakh Jinns emerged themselves into ashes so that she can rescue her boss the Jinn.

The pot captured the Jinn cracks into pieces and the Jinn gets rescued and transforms into a person with modern dressing and get ups. He is walking the roads after being free and is feeling revengic. Parveen and the other family members noticed that the Jinn is released now and as per Tabeezi, the rain fire activated the powers of the thread and henceforth we had only one month ahead. Aman comes back home and says I have decided that I will not look for Roshni anymore. His family members ask him why he is saying so? He says it was Roshni’s decision to leave the city and we should respect her decision.

Anjum says in childhood also when you get hurt and I used to ask you you will say that you are fine and today also you are doing the same. a man says what is wrong with you why do you keep on saying that I love Roshni, I don’t. Anjum says but I never said that you love Roshni, it is said by you. Aman feels caught and gets upset again and Parveen feels he is in love with her. Tabeezi gets to know Jinn took the get up of a human being.

Precap : Anjum says red moon night is here and Aman is breaking the furnitures and stops when he sees a picture of Roshni.