Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Written Update 8th January 2020: Roshni kills Aman, Parveen rejoices

Episode begins with Rubina is saying that I have an alternative way to find out about the sword with the help of Neelam. She says I have read somewhere that with the help of the blue stone we can get hold of it. She says the sword gets the power from the blue fire and the blue sky. She opens a book and does magic and the pages of the book are floating in the air. Rubina chants some lines and a flower comes out from the book and Rubina asks her to touch it.

Roshni desert and the flower blossoms and in blue diamond comes out from it. Parveen remembers hiding the sword in the clouds but when Rubina launches the diamond in the year the souled comes back to the hall of the house on his own. Parveen gets surprised that how did the sword come in there ? Aman holds the sword with his hand and suddenly the energy of the sword transformed in Aman. He becomes affected with it and his eyes have turned blue.

Roshni understands that he is changing and the sword is affecting him. She asks him to leave the sword or else it will affect him completely and he will try to kill his own family.

Aman says whoever will come between me and this sword will get killed today. Parveen tries to stop Aman but he pushed them all. Parveen does drama of getting hurt severely and goes inside the room. She uses her powers and kidnaps Shobha so that she can complete her work with the face of her.

On the other hand, Aman is ready to attack his own family but Roshan is tries to stop him not only once but multiple times but he is not ready to pay heed to her words.

He is going to approach the family to hurt them but Roshni is blocking his way again and again. Parveen comes in the hall with the face of Soha so that no one can recognise her. Another side, Aman is proceeding towards his family when Roshni attacked him and pushed the sword away from his hand so that you couldn’t use it.

Roshni runs to grab the sword before Aman and warns him to back off or else she will be left with no option then. Aman didn’t listen to her and he is about to proceed when Roshni stabs him with the sword.

The family members get shocked to see this while Parveen gets happy that the work she couldn’t complete on the night of rain of the stars is finally done by her daughter-in-law Roshni.

Aman falls on the floor and is feeling drowsy while Roshni is crying to see him in such a state. Aman gets unconscious and pravin comes in front of all as Soha and says finally, she can be the owner of Jinnath and the sword as well. Roshni is crying when suddenly Aman gets up and says if you wanted this word you can tell us before hand only, we will give it to you.

Aman levels in front of all that it was all his plan with Rashmi and Rubina to expose the real black Jinn who is trying to get control over Aman. Parveen fumes in anger while Roshni and Aman smiles together along with the family members.

Precap – Parveen is chained up by the family members and the red diamond stones are making her weak . Aman and Roshni comes to have a check on Soha and gets shocked.