Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Written Update 8th November 2019: Bazigar dies while saving Roshini

Episode starts with Aman removes the glass piece from Roshni’s wound. She winces and family also winces noticing her pain. Aman notices them hiding behind pillar. She thanks him and while moving from that place She falls in his arms. Aman lifts her in his arms. Sara Saima says aww. They share beautiful eyelock while moving from that place. Aman asks her to keep her mouth shut until they reach to her room.
Parveen gets angry seeing them and thinks Roshini is trying to be near with Aman ,their are wedded but she can never become Aman wife.

Voiceover says Rakh Jin is infuriated with their bond so entered to execute the plan. While placing Roshini on bed his watch strucked in her dress. They lost in eachother eyes. Their eyelock is interrupted when Chotu announces he saw this type of scene in some movie. Aman asks her to move from the room. choti asks him to say story than he says not now than She says Sara and Saima are correct about him , he is changing after marriage. He tries to move but Roshini winces and he says Chotu to go and he will join her.

Voice over says Aman and Roshini lost in their sweets moments but they don’t know what’s going to happen tonight. Jinn enters house with 3 mortuary boxes, adaa questions her what’s she doing

Everyone assembles in hall, Chotu asks him to tell about sifrat e jinn. Aman says it’s not correct time for him to know about this story. Chotu asks Roshini help and she requests Aman. He says it’s impossible to kill sifrat e jinn and this jinn have power to take human form. And can transfer his power to dead bodies and they too have same power like jinn. Here jinn activates her power in 3 zombies. Aman says so many years back their is princess who defeated jinn. Everyone request for princess name.

Aman thinks Roshini will get full mad of she knows this name but later because of everyone force he reveals princess name is Ayana. Everyone gets surprised and Roshini smiles. Aman says it’s 8000 years old story with no importance. Roshini says it’s important and praises herself and thinks she is not noticing the signals until she get from her life about her strength.

Aman says it’s written here this Ayana can’t become wo Ayana until she gets powers but jinn can activate Zombies any time.

Zombies enters the place and everyone gets shocked. Aman asks his sister’s to move with Chotu. Zombies ties Aman hand before taking Bazigar. the Raj Sipayi shoot arrows at an unarmed Roshni and bazigar takes those arrows. Sipayi vanishes. Aman and Roshini cries reminscing their moments with bazigar. Whole family cries for bazigar.

Precap – family performs last rites to bazigar. Roshini cries and asks Bazigar to comeback for them.