Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Written Update 9th January 2020: Soha is worked up to kill Roshni while Aman turns saviour

LEpisode begins with Aman is asking Parveen who is in the disguise of Soha that don’t you want the sword anymore? Aman says I am giving it to you. Roshni says and the award for Best actor goes to you me and supporting actor goes to Aman.

Aman asks I am supporting actor? And both of them starts to laugh when Anjum says if you people are doing a drama then you people need to inform us beforehand. Parveen attached both Roshni and Aman and took the sword in her hand. She says that it was my fault to leave you alive that day I should have killed you on the night of rain of the stars.

She is about to kill Roshni but before that Roshni captured her with red Ruby stones and Anjum and baby tied her in chains. They kept her in a room and Parveen thinks I cannot be in this get up for long as this stones are making me weak. Aman and Roshni come in the room to check on her and asks her what is the real intentions of you? She attacked Aman and placed the Ruby around her towards him and Aman starts to get weak. Roshni attacks her to save Aman but she is more powerful to be stopped by Roshni.

Aman asks Roshni to run away from there to save herself and Roshni does that. Another hand, Aman decides that he needs to be there with roshani to save her from Soha. Soha is running behind Roshni and is about to attack her when Aman comes in between. She applied her powers on Aman and Roshni both.

Aman calls for Baazigar and counter attack Soha but Soha seems to be more powerful than Aman to get defeated by him hence he keeps on attacking him and he is getting weak in front of her. Roshni understand that Aman is unable to manage the powers of Soha. Hence, as Ayana she gets angry with the state of Aman and made a ball of air and throws it towards Soha.

The process of attack and counter attack are going on in the hall of the Junaid house. Soha decides that she needs to go from there as she cannot be fighting with both of them all along. Soha runs towards the door but I’m an applied his magic and exchanged the door from downstairs to upstairs. Soha gets a knife with her magic and says you will never be able to catch me. She stabs herself with it and slowly faints on the floor.

Aman and Roshni tries to wake her up but she is not opening her eyes. The real Soha gets up from sleep and remember all that happened in the house and she finds it odd and decides to leave the house without anyone noticing her.

Aman and Roshni come back in their room and prepares to sleep. Roshni says she is too tired and is getting sleepy and currently she cannot talk but she had an incomplete conversation with Aman.

Aman says Roshni to sleep for now and we will talk tomorrow morning. Roshni asks him to sleep with her on the bed and Aman says I sleep in this side where you are sleeping. Roshni rolls on the bed to give him space and falls from it. Both of them starts to laugh together and spent a nice moment.

Precap – Roshni asks Aman about their special night.