Yehh Jadu Hain Jinn Ka 20th December 2019 Written Update : Aman and Kabir saves Roshini

Today’s episode starts with Aman enters Salma’s room through the magic door. Salma ask him what he is doing here and how he came. Aman tells to her that he entered through magic door and wants to recreate the past so that he can make Roshini revive her memory. Salma ask Aman to take care of Roshini.

Aman goes to meet Roshini and recreates his moment in front of her but goes in vain. He further, takes out Roshini through magic door to some jungle. Aman recalls Rubina’s word where she tells him the way to help Roshini gains her memory. Back to reality; Roshini ask Aman not to come closer to her. Aman provokes Roshini so that she can fall inside the magic well. Roshini applies the magic trick and fights with Aman. Aman saves himself.

Roshini falls inside the deep well. Aman too swims to save her. There, Rubina tells to her mother that she has send Aman and Roshini inside the magic well for Roshini’s sake. Here, Kabir gets to know about Aman and Roshini and hurdles the duos way so that Roshini don’t revive her memory.

Aman meets Roshini meets inside the well. Aman shows her the mirror so that she can recall her past. Kabir applies the trick and Aman comes out from the well and Roshini trapped inside the well. Ahead, Kabir pretends good in front of Aman and decides to save Roshini with him. The duo jumps inside the well and search for Roshini. Aman sees Roshini struggling inside the water and goes towards her. Kabir too goes from behind and saves Roshini.

Aman, Kabir and Roshini lies unconscious on the ground. Later, Aman thanks Kabir for helping him and Roshini. Kabir stands shocked hearing him. Salma comes and ask if Roshini is out from the effect of Jinn. Aman says knows. Other side, Kabir recalls Aman’s word and thinks something. (Episode Ends)

Next Week: Aman and Kabir comes to Roshini’s house and tries to trick the house so that Salma and Roshini comes out from the house.