Yehh Jadu Hain Jinn Ka 23rd December 2019 Written Update: Aman brings Roshni and Salma home

Episode begins with Aman is talking to Salma about Roshni and he is trying to ask if she is okay or not? Salma says she is fine and she doesn’t yet remember anything and you already ask me this for the 4th time from morning.

Salma is talking to Roshni who is saying that she is not understanding what is happening around her these days? Aman comes to Tabeezi and gives her the illusional mirror back. Tabeezi says it’s good that the mirror is back or else it will create a new problem for us. She asks Aman to not lose hope and everything else will be fine and Kabir also reaches there.

Aman left and Kabir realises that he can get caught by Tabeezi anyday, hence he decided to end this tension for once and all. He attacks on Tabeezi and tries to scrap the paper from the book which has his picture on it. He then captured Tabeezi in a mirror and hides it between the books.

Aman and Kabir went to the house of Roshni with a plan in mind. Aman asks Kabir to do what he is asking for and he also called Salma for the same purpose. He went to the house of Roshni and does his magic on it. Suddenly Roshni feels a sense of earthquake in her house and she starts to shout. Another side, Kabir comes inside the house to save Salma and Roshni from the furniture that is breaking and falling on the floor. Both of them comes out of the house and Salma cries that where will we go now as our house is gone but Roshni notices that all the other houses in that colony is intact only their house is broken due to earthquake. Kabir proposes on the interest of Aman to stay in their house but Roshni denies.

Kabir remember that Aman told him about Roshni being very stubborn about taking help from others and he says that you don’t need to stay in the outhouse for free but you will pay rent as you used to pay for this house. Kabir says you have to pay 50 lacs in nervousness but Aman manages it and says that whatever price used to pay for this house you can pay the same for that house as well. They put her in the car while Aman gets to listen that Roshni is calling him, idiot rude and other things and singing praises for Kabir. He thinks in his mind that let you get better once I will settle the scores then.

All of them comes to the Junaid house and Kabir straight away goes to the library to bring out the mirror from the book shelf but before he can do anything Aman comes to call him.

Aman goes to the family E and says to Kabir that you have lost your childhood and spend big time of life without your family. We cannot give you back what you have lost in all these years but 800 will make sure that you got your due love and respect from your family as much as possible. Kabir suddenly feels emotional to see the family together and remembers how he killed them one after another.

All of them assembled for a group hug with Kabir when he noticed that bazigar is watching him from a distance and he felt that he might recognise him.

Precap – Roshni gives noodles to Aman to eat and he does.