YRKKH: Armaan and Abhira get Married post Madhav discloses the Truth

YRKKH: Krish gets to know about Madhav’s state, Exposes Sanjay

Star Plus Popular show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai has never failed to keep it’s audience hooked to the screens. The show is now gearing up for High Voltage Drama.

Sanjay looks at Abhira with disgust and calls her cheap to which Armaan holds him by his collar making Kaveri shout his name in anger.

Kaveri question his act to which Armaan tells her that Sanjay is the one to send Abhira to his Party and accuses him of troubling Abhira always to which Sanjay denies this.

Armaan gets furious at him for denying it while Krish comes forward and supports Abhira. He says that Sanjay send her there in order to get revenge on her.

Sanjay Confesses his Hatred

Abhira tells them as how he kept getting involved with her work and how he has hurt her. Kaveri feels Ashamed with his behaviour while Sanjay says that he wants to ruin her.

Sanjay tells her that Abhira tried to ruin Krish and Chati hence he has done this. He denies to go to The Wedding till Armaan and Abhira apologize to him.

Krish gets to know about Madhav’s state after which he Exposes Sanjay feeling disgusted. Armaan and Abhira get Married post Madhav discloses the Truth about the divorce being at hold.

What will happen Next?

What twist Armaan and Abhira’s Lives will take?

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