YRKKH: Armaan denies to back out from the Wedding, Abhira feels Rejected

YRKKH: Ruhi decides to Fire Abhira from the Job, Armaan Reprimands

Star Plus Popular show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai has never failed to keep it’s audience hooked to the screens. The show is now gearing up for High Voltage Drama.

Kaveri asks Armaan to get the Mehendi done with the new Mehendi while Abhira gets Heart Broken at the thought. She feels bad and decides to accept the truth instead of getting Hurt.

Ruhi gets worried looking at the Auspicious thread while Kaveri tells her that it must have happened because of Armaan and asks her not to worry.

Armaan is not Happy with the Wedding Celebrations and wonders as to why he is feeling this way when he is sure that it is Abhira who has walked out of his Life. Ruhi sees the changes in him.

Abhira Confesses to Armaan

Armaan asks Abhira to teach him Dance to which Abhira things about Ruhi and asks him to stay away from her. She denies to teach him the dance while she is forced by her crew. She does as asked.

Armaan questions Abhira to which she finally confesses to him that she Loves him. Armaan gets shocked and asks how she can Love him when she Hated him and his Family.

Abhira thinks that Armaan doesn’t Love her and gets teary. Armaan is as Heart Broken as her. Ruhi knowing about her Love for Armaan decides to Fire her on Surekha’s suggestion. Armaan Reprimands.

Armaan denies to back out from the Wedding not wanting to hurt his Family to which Abhira feels Rejected and Humiliated. She Breaks down.

What will happen Next?

Will Armaan and Ruhi get Married?

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