YRKKH: Armaan takes stand for Abhira, reveals about the Sacrifice made for Vidya

YRKKH: Vidya gets to know about Madhav’s condition

Star Plus Popular show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai has never failed to keep it’s audience hooked to the screens. The show is now gearing up for High Voltage Drama.

Armaan is leaving when he sees Kaveri mocking Abhira. He stops there and gets shocked at the way Kaveri is being with her. She tells her that now she is at her Mercy.

Abhira tells Kaveri that she will never be at anyone’s mercy and she doesn’t want to be under her. Kaveri tells her that she will give her a good Amount for her work.

Abhira tells her that she will take the deserving Amount and tells her that she can never buy her. Kaveri tells her that she has forced her to break this Marriage for Vidya and Madhav.

Armaan Confronts Abhira

Armaan is still very much affected with the way, things has turned out. He regrets for the way Abhira is treated. He feels helpless at the situation and doesn’t understand.

Armaan tries to help Abhira while she feels in him, Armaan confronts Abhira of her decision to which she confesses about choosing his Happiness out of her Love.

On the other hand Vidya doesn’t understand why Madhav is still not in contact. While Kajal wants to tell Vidya about Madhav and his condition. Even though Sanjay tries his best, Vidya comes to know the Truth.

Kaveri and Ruhi yet again mock and humiliate Abhira to which Armaan takes stand for her and lashes out at them. He reveals the Sacrifice she has done for Madhav and Vidya.

What will happen Next?

Will The Wedding happen?

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