Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai Written Update 16 July 2019, Kairav gets unconscious at the bus stand

The episode begins with Dadi joined Kartik and Vedika hands and says may God bless you two. Doctor asks them to go out as she needs rest. She is happy that Kartik agreed to marry Vedika. Akhilesh looked utterly disturbed with Kartik agreeing to marry Vedika. Here Liza accompanies Naira and Kairav at the bus stop where Kairav is all excited to go to Udaipur. Kairav asks them to get a ride on the bus as he is getting restless. Liza informs there is time left for their bus to arrive. Naira remembers her mom and says she used to say those are meant for each other is bound to be together. Kairav recites a poem that he has written for his father. Naira gets emotional after hearing his poem.

Badi Daadi gives her bangles to Vedika and asks her to fill the void that was created after Naira left. Vedika becomes speechless and says I have no words to utter. Akhilesh baffled to see this as he knows Naira is alive. He is in a dilemma if he should tell this to Kartik on not. Manish feels bad to pressurize Kartik like this, Swarna tells him that forcibly formed bonds eventually break and ruin happiness. Now, all we can do is to pray that nothing sort if that happens to them. When Vedika asks Kartik if he is doing all this for Dadi, he says it doesn’t matter as it is according to everyone’s wish.
Kairav sees the bus of Goa to Udaipur arrives there and asks Naira to get on the bus soon. Liza asks if he is going to miss her? Kairav says I will call you every day, Liza hugs him and says I love you.
Manish and Swarna perform puja at home where the priest informs them that danger can befall on someone from their family, which leaves them worried as it can be deadly. Swarna wonders what is left to happen in the family now?
Naira is about to get into the bus when Kairav falls unconscious. She takes him in her arms while Liza sprinkles water. He wakes up after a while and tells her he felt dizzy. She didn’t board the bus and instead take him to the hospital where the doctor asks her not worry. Naira gets to know that in excitement to meet his father, Kairav didn’t have his breakfast and also didn’t sleep last night. The doctor tells Naira that Kairav fainted to anxiety and the rest is fine.

Akhilesh inquiries about Kartik when Naksh told him he is with the doctor. He tries to talk to Kartik about Naira and him agreeing to marry Vedika but he leaves as he needs to get Dadi’s medicines. On the other hand, Kairav gets upset when Naira tells him that they will leave for Udaipur tomorrow. Naira pacifies Kairav and says tomorrow we will go to Udaipur with the first bus. Later, it is revealed that Akhilesh is having an affair with Liza. He calls Liza and informs her about Kartik and Vedika’s wedding so that Naira can know about it and return to Udaipur. Liza gets stunned to know that Kartik is getting married again. Naira is looking for a debit card to book tickets. After he disconnects the call, he sees Kartik who looks baffled.

Precap – priest arrives at home, Swarna asks him why he is here? Dadi says she called him to fix the date of Kittu’s marriage, Liza informs Naira about Vedika getting married to Kartik.