Zaroon to be blamed by dadi in Sufiyana Pyaar Mera

Star Bharat shows Sufiyana Pyar Mera which recently showcased an incident of terror attack in the show. The show which is produced by Prateek Sharma LSD films productions is one of the most favourite shows online audience these days. As per the current story saltanat who went to meet his alliance Zaheer in a mall with her father Nadeem confronted Zaroon there. It was also shown in the episode that even Kainaat also reach the place with Hamza to keep an eye on Saltanat that and her moves.

In this week the audiences of the shows will see in tonight episode that saltanat who is down with fever due to the the drama she has from that incident of bomb will fall more sick.

As we had seen in the last episode of previous week Zaroon went to Saltanat room to have a check on her got shocked on learning that she is actually suffering from high fever. Her condition will get more critical and worsen in tonight episode which will make the housemates of Shah Manzil more worried and tensed for her health. On the other hand Hamza’s grandmother will question the loyalty and judgment nature of Miyajaan about Zaroon entering Saltant room in the late hours of the night. She claimed that a boy entering a girls room at such an odd hour of night is not something the family approves of.

So will Miyajaan question his brother adoring grandson Zaroon now for this act? Triggered by her indirects and allegation Miyajaan will ask Zaroon to give a defense on his behalf. To which Zaroon will say that he can’t explain the feeling of terror of death.  On the other hand Neelam will listen to Dadi venomous plans regarding Zaroon and Saltanat relationship and the heir of the wealth.

Well will Zaroon’s defense can clear the doubt raised in Miyajaan’s mind? Will he able to guess the evil plans of Dadi? Only time can answer these questions.