Zayn Ibad Khan on his show Aashiqana: The response I am getting is marvelous!

Actor Zayn Ibad Khan says that people are loving his show Aashiqana and adds that he was expecting such a response as the team has put in a lot of hard work for the show

The kind of response that I’m getting is not unexpected because the way we are shooting every scene, the way creators are pushing their limits, the hard work behind this show is absolutely incredible. You just get the vibe that this is going to be great and I think we all have that vibe and obviously it’s going great. The response I’m getting is just marvelous! People are going crazy about every scene, every shot. People are having so much fun watching us. And they’re rooting for the characters with hashtags like #Yakki. So, it’s amazing,” he says.


However, the actor says that he doesn’t relate much to the character. “I think I don’t relate to Yash. I used to have some anger issues, a long time back, but not right now. I have overcome that factor. I have removed that factor from my life because it’s something that can destroy someone’s life and that can do a lot of damage to the person. So that was one thing which I have in common with Yash Vardhan Chauhan,” he says.

It is an unusual kind of love story, says Zayn, adding, “It’s a love story where murders are happening and there is murder ke mausam mein pyaar. The story is different and unlike other TV shows, this show has a lot happening in one frame and every scene. There is a killer on the loose and we need to catch because he has done a lot of murders. In the coming episodes, we will come to know that he has killed a lot of people who are somewhere connected to the murderer himself. In the midst of this emotional and dangerous scenario, there is romance. The catch of the story will be all about how love takes place between Chikki and Yash. Chikki is the girl who has all the qualities and these qualities Yash hates. This will be an interesting thing to watch.”

Talking about working with his co-actor Khushi Dubey, he says, “Khushi is a very cute and kind girl. She has a lot of experience, more experience than me but I love to give her gyaan all day! I trouble her all the time. We always have a fun time together. People are loving our chemistry. It’s very overwhelming and beautiful that people are accepting us. It’s a beautiful journey and I am having fun.”

In fact, Zayn has been receiving a lot of love for his performance. “My producer Gul Ma’am told me that in one of my scenes I resembled Dilip Kumar ji. I was so touched as he is a legend. Maybe she thought that I was giving a hint of his style. Unke pair ki dhool ki barabari bhi karlu to meri zindagi ka bahut bada sapna hoga woh. His legacy and work is just outstanding and matching him is a big thing. My look and character are very unusual because you won’t find a cop with a beard and long hair. This cop is on an undercover mission and is an ACP. Sometimes he is on an undercover mission. I love the style this character.carries and the way he walks. When I come on set and wear Yash’s clothes, it’s a different feeling altogether,” he says.