Ziddi Dil Maane Na 14th May 2022 Written Update: Param tries kidnapping Barkha and Baby.

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The episode starts with Barkha saying Param that Karan is alive. Param picks a knife but it turns out to be his dream. She says that they would meet Bhatra Sir the next day and he would help him. Faizi is having ice cream at late-night when he feels someone’s presence. He asks who’s it but the person laughs. He gets scared. It turns out to be Koel who’s crying. He asks why she’s sitting there upset. Koel says that no one would be present there at that time and so she’s here. Faizi persuades her to share what’s troubling her. Koel still denies and says that nothing is wrong. Faizi refuses to believe and Koel asks how does he know. Faizi says that he witnessed his mother in a similar state as her and says about his past. He says that he knows it well and asks her to share her problem. Koel thanks him for the his concern and says about her mother in law trying to take away Nikhil. He can’t believe Abhay’s mother is behaving so heartless. Koel says that it’s actually Abhay who’s instructing her to do so and Faizi feels unbelievable. He encourages Koel and asks her to not doubt her love for Nikhil.

Karan is walking upset recalling Barkha’s words. He throws tantrums at other cadets. Bala asks about his bad mood but he answers rude to him too. Bala gets angry but Monami reasons that it could be his bad day. Monami scolds Karan for forgetting that he’s acting as Balli. Karan asks what could he do as he’s worried about Barkha. Param comes there with Barkha and Baby. He takes them out for picnic and Karan suspects something. Monami keeps Param and Barkha busy with her talks while Karan installs a tracker underneath the car. Nikhil and Faizi calls Koel for food but she leaves refusing. Param pretends like he’s busy with a call and sends them with driver. He alerts his men. Karan and Monami sees the car going to the market and Monami says everything is fine. They come out of the room but misses seeing Param who enters the academy. Nikhil and Faizi calls Koel to play carrom but she once again leaves making excuse. Faizi thinks that she’s avoiding them

Faizi and Nikhil come to Karan and Monami and Nikhil asks for Karan. Faizi is about to say that it’s not Karan but Balli but Monami stops him. He asks him to let Nikhil not know the truth. Faizi agrees and Nikhil invites Karan to play carrom. They all sit down to play carrom. Faizi says that he needs to say something important to Param but Karan says he saw him leaving to market with family. He says that he’s back to academy and Karan rushes out. Monami leaves to check him. They find Param in his cabin. Barkha sees the driver going in wrong direction. He also finds the tracker disabled. Barkha asks the driver to slow down but he doesn’t listen. Driver calls Param and says that the job is done. However it is revealed that Karan and Monami made him lie to Param and have rescued Barkha and Baby. He arrests the driver and Bhatra’s trusted cadets take him away. Barkha apologizes Karan for listening to him and is disgusted with Param’s act to harm his own family. Karan will console her and can understand her. He will call Balli there and will ask him to keep Barkha and Babu with him till things resolve. Balli will promise to give his life to protect them.

Precap : Suman, Bala and Chitra will find Karan’s laptop which is monitoring Param’s room. They will inform it to Param and Param will check it out too. He will be shocked witnessing that it’s his room.

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