Ziddi Dil Maane Na 15th September 2021 Written Update: Karan trains Monami.

Ziddi Dil Maane Na 15th September 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Sanjana checking under the bed. Sanjana finds nothing. Suman complaints that only 4 of her special ladoos are left. Sanjana throws them away and Suman cries badly. Faizi notices it while Koel wonders Where’s her son. Karan notices Sanjana going in a bad mood. Sanjana is lost in thoughts when Karan comes there. Sanjana says her engagement is done. She says she listened to her Family’s words. She says he would thinks she’s weak if she said it before. Karan says girls are any day stronger than guys. Sanjana shares about Kundan and him calling her for date. Karan asks her to give it a try. Sanjana gets into thinking. Faizi notices Koel searching something and follows her.

Koel finds a store room and calls out for Nikhil. She couldn’t find him and leaves. Faizi gets into store room and finds Nikhil covered with white powder. He thinks it’s ghost and runs away. Koel comes to him and asks what’s he doing there. Doctor is treating Faizi who keeps blabbering that he saw a white child ghost. Suman asks whether her ladoos are eaten by the ghost too. Karan comes there and everyone leaves. He says Faizi that there’s nothing like ghost and all but Faizi says he saw many times. He gets scared seeing a shadow but it turns out to be Sanjana. She comes dressed for her fate. Faizi asks about it and Karan explains him. Karan wishes her luck and she leaves. On the way she bumps with Koel who suggests some touch up for her and asks if she would like to. Sanjana agrees. Koel, Suman and hashtag girl does Sanjana’s make up. Sanjana likes it. Suman asks whether she’s going for fancy dress competition but Koel says she’s going for date. Suman asks with whom. Hashtag girl says that they didn’t ask about it. Sanjana gets another gift before getting in the vehicle.

Prasad says Karan that the trainees are really working hard. Mona is practising rope climbing recalling Karan’s words. Prasad and Karan sees it. Prasad says that her will power is terrific who does accept defeat. He leaves. Sanjana comes to the place and gets surprised seeing the set up. She sits on a table and she looked bewildered at everything. Sanjana gets text message from Kundan saying that he returned back due to some work but instead sent her a gift. Sanjana checks the gift she just received and finds a woollen ball with needle in it. She gets confused.

Karan helps Monami when she falls down by holding her in his arms. He climbs on the rope and gives his hand to her. She too starts climbing. They both come close and Mona smiles seeing him. He too smiles. They share an eye lock but immediately looks away. Sanjana finds a note that states that it’s his first gift for her. She reads further which states that he thought to gift dress but this will help her relax. It read that after marriage she’s going to weave sweater for their kids. Sanjana gets frustrated. Sid comes in front of her.

Precap : Karan puts Sid in jail when he gets to know that it’s him who sent gifts for her. He asks him to stay in jail until he gets thrown out. Mona asks him to leave but Sid says he won’t.

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