Ziddi Dil Maane Na 17th September 2021 Written Update: Mona tries to save Sid.

Ziddi Dil Maane Na 17th September 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Sanjana boxing recalling whatever happened. Karan comes there and she opens her heart to him. She says that she never expected Sid to be the one who sent her the gifts. She also says about Kundan’s backward thinking about woman. Karan says that she’s special agent Sanjana who shouldn’t get affected u all this. He cheers her up. Mona is pleading Hashtag girl to help her in getting Sid out of the jail. She asks why she wants to help him when he cheated on her. Mona says her love is true and asks for her help. Faizi comes to Suman who chants mantras to get him off evil spirits. Sid is making sounds and is enjoying his stay in jail.

Suddenly light flickers and Prasad goes to check on it. Monami comes there and tries to break the lock to get Sid out of jail. Sid says that it’s not needed as he’s not going anywhere. Monami tries convincing him but in vain. Faizi and Prasad comes to check on the wires when hashtag girl comes there making some excuse. She keeps them busy. Karan is on call with someone named Baby and says that he will meet the person the next day as his vehicle got punctured . He cuts the call saying I love you. Mona is breaking the locks when Bala comes there. They gets shocked seeing him. Officers pulls Karan’s car to go back to academy.

Mona first thinks that he’s Karan’s spy but Bala says he doesn’t have any sentiments. He says that he wanted to become lawyer but didn’t because he don’t like to hear the order from judge. He says he hates anyone ordering him around. He helps them in opening the lock. Mona asks Why he’s helping them when Bala says it’s for fun. He opens the lock but Sid denies to leave the academy. Karan comes to academy and is on his way to meet Sid. Bala and Monami are trying to move Sid but he holds the grill tight in order to not leave. He says Monami that it’s her adamant that she wants to excel the training while his adamant is his love for Sanjana. Bala makes him unconscious and both Mona and Bala starts moving him. They hide seeing Karan and Prasad. Monami comes up with a plan. She acts like sleep walking and Karan holds her before she could fall.

Precap : Mona, Sid and Bala gets caught. Karan says Sid that first it was only him but now even Monami will follow him out of the academy for breaking rules.

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