Ziddi Dil Maane Na 23rd September 2021 Written Update: Karan saves Monami.

Ziddi Dil Maane Na 23rd September 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Karan posing as a clown in Trisha’s birthday party. They all enjoy when Trisha suddenly feels uneasy. She struggles to breathe. Her mother switches off the music system. Karan puts Trisha to sleep and takes his leave. Her mother says him that it won’t be easy for him without Param in the academy. Karan is about to leave when he says that he’s trying to get them a place in academy. She refuses saying that she don’t have the heart to go back there. Bala falls sick without food and water. Sid says that he learnt to stay hungry for four days in jail. Sid asks him to think about his Sanjana. Sanjana recalls Faizi’s words. Mona is walking back to academy when few rogues surround her with their bikes. They doesn’t let her go when Karan’s jeep comes there. Mona gets shocked seeing him. Karan taunts her and asks whether she needs lift. Mona leaves without getting on. Karan moves pass her when the biker guy again troubles her. Karan is still waiting for Monami. She runs and gets on his jeep. Karan throws a glare at them and they all leave scared.

Bala is entertaining Sid when he imagines Sanjana coming there in retro look. He dreams of dancing with her. However Sanjana is really present there with a normal look. Sid asks Bala whether he can see Sanjana too and Bala says yes. Sid comes near Sanjana and says he knew that she will come back and will give an opportunity to explain himself. He believes that they have solid connection between them. He stretches his hand towards her asking her to keep hers on his to feel the connection. Sanjana pushes his hand and pulls him by collar. She asks him to leave before he dies. She says she came to say this. Sid says that he want to clear something with her. He says that he’s single and is not in any relationship. Sanjana says that she knows that Monami is bot his fiancée.

Karan cokes to academy. Monami still believes Karan is a cheater. She says that he’s two faced. Karan says that he’s adamant too. He says that it’s her friend who need to understand where he should use his adamant and should apologize Sanjana. Sid says that he was never serious with anything but pleads her to give a chance and he will make sure that he won’t disappoint her. Sanjana says that they both are complete different worlds. She asks him to leave the academy.

Precap : Sid’s condition worsens as he doesn’t listen to Mona. Sanjana asks Karan to leave Sid but he wants to teach him a lesson. Sid faints when Sanjana comes with water.

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