Ziddi Dil Maane Na 24th May 2022 Written Update: Sid doubts Monami

Ziddi Dil Maane Na 24th May 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Monami shares to her team that they hired famous lawyer. Sid informs to them that he too appointed good lawyer. Karan appreciates him as good job. Sid asks him what did he said? Karan pretends like Balli there. Monami manages the situation. Sid
Faizi tries to convince Koel that he was trying to help her. She complaints to him that no one understanding her at all. Faizi pleads her to let him help her in this matter. He knew she is right he will leave from here without disturbing her, but she might let him help her and leaves. Koel thinks that he is genuine one she don’t deserve him at all.

Sid and his friend are teasing Balli there. His friend reminds Sid about the past. Sid thinks that something is fishy and checks Balli and Monami are concentrate on their phone. He wishes to find out. Later Monami comes out wearing beautiful dress. Sid enquires her where is she leaving in this time wearing beautiful dress. She lies to him as nothing just casually wearing it. He asks her to go out with him but she lied to him that she wanna sleep. She pretends like going inside to sleep. Sid hides behind and noticed that Monami going out without anyone knowledge. Sid finds her hugging Karan. She gifts to him.

Seeing cadets they hides from their sight. She hugs him again and rushed from there and hits with Sid. He enquired her what’s she doing here? She lies to him that she is walking in sleep. Later Both Prosecution and Koel’s lawyers are arguing with each other. Her lawyer informs to judge that Mridula used to create problems with Koel and tried to kidnap Nikhil from her. Another one says she didn’t kidnapped him but Abhay. Her lawyer tries to prove that Koel is not a good mom to Nikhil by bringing she spilled hot tea on him and left without taking care of him. She was with a guy one whole night.

Koel explains to them that it was not intentional but someone locked her inside with him. She was shouting for help but none helped her. She knew well Mridula done it to create bad image to her. Mridula complaints that she is getting angry for small matters she will treat her son like this too. She don’t deserve to be his mom. Koel gets angry and argues with her. Mridula asks judge to give his custody. Monami adds that she has cancer that’s why academy allowed her to stay there. She denies it.

Judge says to Koel that her side is weak so she can able to stay with Nikhil for one week and leaves. Mridula teases Koel that he will be with her lifelong after one week. Later she contacts Param and says to him that she gave 3 crore to them so he might help her back. Sid thinking about the issues. Monami shares to him that she has no idea how will prove Koel’s innocence? Sid noticed Karan and Monami are smiling each other. Sid adds that they are behaving weird today. Chithra comes there and information to them that she is taking fasting for Rajesh. She narrates to them the importantce of fasting. Monami stops eating Sid asks her why didn’t she stopped? She lies to him that she is not hungry and left. Karan too leaves from there excusing them.

Episode end.

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