Ziddi Dil Maane Na 28th May 2022 Written Update: Param attacks Monami.

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The episode starts with Karan trying to convince Monami but she doesn’t listen to him. Sid bumps with her and Monami asks him to judge their issue. Param hacks the CCTV footage and gets dressed covering his face. Monami says about Karan having lipstick mark on his cheek. Sid instigates Monami more and Karan calls him Drama King No. 1. Karan and Monami once again argue with Karan reasoning that it was her who sent him with Chitra. They leave and Karan goes after her. Param checks Monami’s room when Monami comes there after asking Karan to leave.

Karan leaves upset too. Monami comes angrily to her room and finds her things scattered. Param is hiding behind clothes while Monami wonders who did it all. She notices Param but Param hits her on head. Monami faints but sees his blurred image before fainting. Param checks her pulse and finds her alive. He takes her in his arms and puts her on bed in sleeping position and covers her with blanket. Chitra searches for Balli while Param cleans the blood stains from her face and floor.

Chitra is about to open the door but Sid calls her. He says that he saw Balli near reception and leaves with her. Param leaves from there using the situation. Faizi and Koel were present with the lawyer and Karan asks for Monami. Everyone says no one found her. Karan asks them to leave while he would go to find Monami. Param sees it all hiding. Karan knocks at door and asks her to open it but she doesn’t. He enters in to find the messed up up room and thinks she was angry. He thinks she was angry but sees blood stains on her pillow and gets shocked. He lifts up Monami.

Nikhil comes there with Koel and Nikhil and Mridula fakes her concern towards Nikhil. Judge questions them about Nikhil’s hand hurt. Koel is about to say something but Mridula interrupts her. Judge shuts her and asks Koel to continue. Koel says about whatever happened. Mridula’s lawyer calls it all a lie and Judge asks Mridula Where’s her son. Mridula says he has been to Kolkata and provides proof for the same followed by her bail papers. Doctor comes out and says that Monami fainted because of shock and not because of injury. He also says that she was attacked by something shocking Karan.

Judge asks if they have any counter argument on their side. Koel states that it could be a fake evidence. Judge asks if there was anyone else with her in washroom along with her. Nikhil says he was with her and Judge asks him to give his statement and Koel asks him to go ahead. Nikhil says he heard everything and Judge asks if he saw it with his own eyes. Koel says that he was locked inside washroom and couldn’t see it. Koel breakdown and pleads Judge to not separate her from her son. She says Abhay is not the right person for upbringing her son and pleads him to give custody to her. Mridula also puts up an emotional act saying that her grandson is not safe with Koel and asks for Nikhil’s custody.

Ustad checks cctv footage and finds it hampered. Karan and Ustad understands that someone from academy did it and Karan is sure Param is the culprit. He gets angry. He gets call from Doctor saying that Monami gained consciousness. He rushed informing Ustad. Judge after hearing both the sides came to a decision that through he can understand Koel’s concern he also feels that Nikhil is not safe in the academy. So he decides to hear more hearings and until then Nikhil would stay at children’s home. Koel refuses but Nikhil gets dragged away forcefully.

Precap : Karan will say that Abhay will definitely try to take Nikhil away from home. Abhay will come there disgusted and will try to take away Nikhil. Cadets will learn that Koel left the academy with gun. Abhay will be shocked seeing Koel while taking away Nikhil.

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