Ziddi Dil Maane Na 30th May 2022 Written Update: Param plans to delete all the confidential details.

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The episode starts with Param coming to visit Monami who’s unconscious. Param thinks that though he wore a mask he can’t take the risk of Monami identifying him and wants to kill her. Karan comes there and asks how’s he there. Param says that Ustad came and informed him that Monami gained consciousness. They asks what happened and Monami says she don’t remember anything and everything feels black out. Karan says that someone attacked Monami and Param asks what’s the proof. Karan says about Doctor saying about someone attacking Monami and suspects it to be someone from academy. Param reprimands him for his audacity and leaves asking Monami to take care.

Karan holds Monami’s hand and blames himself for Monami’s condition. Monami says its fine and explains what happened to her. Karan is sure that it’s Param who did all this but Monami says no. She says they need to find proof against Param. Karan wonders why did Param visit her room. Monami says that he would’ve came for searching something. Karan feels bad for risking his loved ones life. Sid comes there enquiring Monami’s health. He says Ustad said it to him. Karan asks about Koel’s case and Sid says about Judge ordering Nikhil to stay in children’s home. They gets frustrated.

Koel cries as Nikhil gets snatched away forcefully by guards. Mridula watches happily. Faizi and Suman tries consoling her but she leaves without listening to them. Abhay calls Mridula and lashes out at her for sending Nikhil home. Mridula says that atleast she managed to take him out of academy and its easy for them to take him out of the home as there will not be any commandos there. Abhay understands her plan. On the other hand, Param informs his men that Monami doesn’t remember him but still doubts him. He decides to end her chapter later and wants to first complete their mission. Karan wants to accompany Monami to her room but Monami says she’s strong enough to handle as she’s a a cadet. However she winces in pain and Karan mocks her.

Param scolds Ustad for poor security set up and says that someone from academy is working against them. He asks Ustad to delete all the confidential files and security codes for security reasons. Ustad hesitates but Param urges him and also asks him to keep it a secret between the two. Ustad agrees. Cadets discuss about Koel and Sid says that he spoke with Lawyer who told that Nikhil must stay there for some days. They wonder Where’s Koel. Home’s in charge instructs Nikhil about the procedures to be followed and leaves. Abhay comes there in disguise and introduces himself as he’s from court. The in charge allows him and he goes in disguise. Nikhil couldn’t identity him.

Abhay asks Nikhil whether he identifies him and Nikhil says no. He introduces himself as his new tuition teacher Amitabh Singh. Cadets search for Koel and finds her no where in academy. Faizi says that he checked the CCTV and finds her no where in it. Abhay tries playing with Nikhil and cheers him up a bit. He gives him chocolate and calls him out to play in garden. Koel pleads In charge to let her meet her son. Abhay at the same time is about to take Nikhil outside. He sees Koel there and gets shocked. In charge tries reasoning with her that she can’t meet him today and Koel gets angry. She takes the gun which she’s hiding behind.

Precap : Koel will visit Nikhil in home. Abhay will give juice to Nikhil and he will faint immediately. Abhay will keep him in a suitcase and will kidnap him away. Koel will desperately search for Nikhil.

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