Ziddi Dil Maane Na 30th November 2021 Written Update: Abhay finds out Koel’s plan.

Ziddi Dil Maane Na 30th November 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Koel saying Mrs. Chopra that it’s a surprise. Abhay asks what’s the surprise when Koel immediately hides the tickets in menu card. Karan, Monami and Sanju comes to the same hotel. Mrs. Chopra says let surprise be surprise. Abhay asks menu card from Koel. She gives it and he starts flipping the pages. Koel gets scared. Suddenly a waiter drops a glass besides Koel. Everyone’s attention turns towards them. Koel made use of the opportunity to hide the tickets in her purse. Abhay scolds the waiter. Karan and others didn’t notice the face but only heard the talks. Karan says privileged people speak low with others. Monami gets upset while Sanjana signals Karan. Karan says he didn’t say about her. Sanjana says that she can’t have all these food and leaves to have street food.

At street, she bumps with Sid and Bala who were also on their way to have food before going to academy. Sid asks about her being there when Sanju says they were there to meet Koel but since she was not at home they couldn’t meet her. She asks about his father and he says he’s fine. Bala drags him to panipuri shop and Bala and Sanju enjoy panipuris. Sid says he won’t have street food but Sanju forces one golgappa into his mouth. Sid starts screaming in spiciness while Sanjana laughs at him. He looks admiring at her. Host calls couples for dance and music starts playing. Mr and Mrs Chopra leaves to dance. Monami asks Karan for dance but he leaves. Another guy asks Monami’s hand for dance. Before she could reply Karan extends his hand saying that he asked first. They all starts dancing while Monami is lost in Karan. Abhay also dances with Koel.

The host asks couples to exchange their partners. They exchange while Koel thinks that it’s the right chance to escape from there. Karan and Monami are stealing glances. Koel leaves right before she could become Karan’s partner. Koel bumps with a waiter before she could go out and her tickets and passport falls out of the purse. Abhay notices it and picks the ticket asking if it’s the surprise. Mr and Mrs Chopra asks if everything is fine and Abhay says its just an accident and takes leave from them indirectly warning Koel.

Precap : Sid will see Koel outside the hotel with Abhay ask Koel if she as any problem but she refuses. However while leaving she will signal that she’s in problem. Sid will inform about it to Monami.

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