Ziddi Dil Maane Na 3rd February 2022 Written Update: Anish pretends to be hurt

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The episode starts with Sanjana sighing in relief that Kundan was on another call in his ear piece and didn’t hear her talks. Kundan asks about her wound and Sanjana says she’s fine. Kundan leaves asking hee to take care. Sid texts Sanjana that it’s fine if he doesn’t believe his words but asks her to see the truth with her own eyes. Karan and Monami dances in a place while taking shelter from rain. They both dance sensuously. Anish will wait for Karan and Monami. He will hide seeing Monami entering sneaking and Karan follows her.

Monami is about to retire when drags her towards him and says that she’s his first date in his life. Monami says there’s more to come. She says that she don’t want much in life but can’t live without one thing. She jokes without saying his name but Karan says it’s her without whom he can’t live. Monami kisses on his cheek. Karan sneezes and Monami asks him to change. They both leave. Anish who’s watching fumes and says that if she’s not his he won’t let her be anyone else’s.

At Sanjana’s place, the ladies are checking out sarees. Kundan’s mother asks for Sanjana. Sanjana is in her room and Sid’s words keeps ringing in her ears. Kiruthika enters and Sanjana asks about Kundan to Kiruthika. Monami makes breakfast for weight Karan when Anish confronts her about her date. Monami apologies Anish for lying and Anish says it’s OK. He asks her to say the truth instead of lying as they are friends for long. Monami says its quite new for me her and she’s still unsure about how to handle it.

Anish says he can understand. Monami says she’s lucky to have him and shows the coffee she made for him. Anish feels jealous. He asks Monami’s help to get on the ladder to place the books. Monami gets Karan’s text asking for coffee or and her. Anish sees it and makes a plan. He falls down the ladder just to get Monami’s attention and pretends getting hurt.

Kiruthika asks Sanjana why she’s asking such questions. Sanjana is confused and gets Sid’s message. Sid texted her to check with the Doctor once herself while he’s staying in hotel. Sanjana asks Kiruthika’s help to sneak out for sometime and Kiruthika gives her idea. Sanjana greets Kundan’s mother and asks permission to go for parlour for makeup. Kundan’s mother agrees and gives her permission. But soon she decides to accompany her for her own facial too. Sanjana gets worried about how to meet the doctor.

Kundan beats his men as one by one all the girls are falling sick. He warns her to not let a single more girl to fall sick as no one would buy them if they are sick. He says that he’s answerable to KD and sends his remaining men to accompany the other girls. Monami takes checks Anish and he lies that he has internal injury. He asks for the coffee made for Karan. Monami gives it to him and Karan sees it. Anish looks smirking at him.

Precap : Sanjana will look at the locked door in hospital and knocks it. Doctor is treating the girl with Kundan present there. Sanjana will open the window to check out. Kundan will get shocked.

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