Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 26th November 2021 Written Update: Pritam learns about the head of drug trafficking

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The episode starts with Amrita meeting Yuvaraj. Amrita says that it’s stranging that their fathers are friends, but they don’t know about each other. Yuvaraj says that he heard lot about Amrita. Nimmo asks why he has come to Delhi.

Yuvraj says that he bought a villa here and has come for its registration. Guneet asks Yuvraj what he’s doing as work. Yuvraj says that he having his own business. Guneet finds the guy nice. Biji asks Yuvraj if he’s married or not. Yuvraj says that his wife passed away four years back. Angad says that he’s sorry for him. Dadaji asks why he hasn’t got remarried again. Yuvraj says that he was affected with his wife death in the beginning then got busy with his works, now as his parents are behind him for remarriage, he will remarry if he gets any good girl.

He looks at Amrita. Angad asks if he has come to Delhi to search for the bride. Yuvraj says that yes if he gets any girl. Amrita asks Yuvraj if he forgot his first wife, one gets move on when he forgets the past. Yuvraj says that life is to live and they continuous to live no matter what. Yuvraj says that they can keep past’s sweet memories, but the life should be lived in the present and be respected. Amrita says that memories should also be respected. Dadaji says that Yuvraj can’t win over Amrita, but they both are right. Nimmo asks to leave this matter. Guneet asks Yuvraj to have snacks. Amrita asks Yuvraj to taste Nimmo’s pakode.

Yuvraj tastes it. He says that he loves Indian food and expresses his wish to remarry an Indian girl. Amrita says Yuvraj to be careful as girl can marry him seeing his NRI status and can disappear after marriage. Yuvraj says that he doesn’t have such thoughts anymore. Nimmo says to Yuvraj that he has come to give some things to Amrita. Kabir asks why Nimmo is exciting. Yuvraj hands a bag to Amrita asking it to give it to her father. Guneet says that Amrita will go the next day to meet her parents.

Miko’s man refuses to say anything and asks him to leave else they will get killed. Pritam says Nithin to leave him or else kill him as he didn’t go back home since five days. Pritam shots near the man’s feet and threatens him to shot if he doesn’t say the truth. The man agrees to confess. The man says that he’s name Sandeep Singh and he’s middle man in exchanging drugs. Pritam asks from where his getting the money. The man reveals the head of drugs traffic is in Ludhiana and no one has seen him till that. Pritam decides to go there.

Saroj asks Kuljeet to phone and what happened there. Kuljeet asks whom he should ask, he feels bad. Saroj sayd that they aren’t doing any sin, they don’t have any problem with Guneet and Nimmo, they only think about their daughter, Amrita. Kuljeet says that Guneet is hurt with it. Saroj says that it will heal with time and if they don’t do anything for Amrita, she can never come out of the pain the destiny give her. Kuljeet cries and prays for Amrita’s happiness.

Yuvraj asks Amrita if she ever thought of going to Canada. Nimmo asks why would Amrita think like that. Yuvraj says that Punjabis dream is to go to Canada. Nimmo says that Amrita got many marriage proposal from Canada, but Amrita’s heart is hindustan. Amrita says that she doesn’t like NRI guy. Yuvraj asks Amrita the reason. Amrita says that they have lot of attitude.

Kabir says that Amrita shows double attitude to anyone who shows her attitude. Guneet denies it and praises Amrita and says she keeps this family joined. Dadaji agrees with Guneet. Biji says that Amrita treats Soni has her sister and takes care of all them as they gave her birth. Kabir says that they don’t any decision without Amrita’s approval. Yuvraj says that Amrita is very nice.

Amrita says that her family is nice, she’s going to Ludhiana the next day, but she’s already missing them. She wouldn’t go there if it’s not for Jessi’s engagement. Pritam arrives there saying that he brought rasmalai for them. He apologizes on seeing Yuvraj. Amrita says that they won’t eat Pritam’s rasmalai as he misbehaved with her in phone call today and he brought rasmalai to cover it.

Nimmo asks what Pritam did. Amrita says that she got Pritam’s debit card and called him to inform this and help him, but he showed attitude and disconnected the call. Pritam says that he was busy. Amrita says that he would brought rasmalai to convince the family as she doesn’t like it. Pritam says that he brought some other sweets too. Amrita refuses to eat it. Yuvraj says that it seene they know each other better. Amrita says that Pritam is only their tenant. Pritam agrees with Amrita.

The episode ends.

Precap: Yuvraj and Pritam talk about Amrita. Pritam tells Amrita how to massage the baby. The maid asks Amrita to not listen to him as he doesn’t have bring up any child.

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