Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 27th October 2021 Written Update: Pritam gets attacked

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The episode starts with Amrita screaming in pain and Soni assuring her. Pritam says Amrita to not worry, everything will be fine. Amrita blames Pritam for her condition and asks Soni to kill Pritam if anything happens to her. Pritam says that he was angry and she has done wrong too. Amrita slaps Pritam and says that even know he cares about him only. Soni asks Pritam to be quite. Rathi’s men are following Pritam. Their car overtook Pritam’s car. Jogi shouts at Pritam. Pritam asks the driver to turn the car. He obeys. Rathi’s men are determined to kill Pritam and follow the car. Amrita says that those bullet are meant for him, what if they got hurt. She asks Pritam to get out of the car. Pritam fools Jogi’s men and escapes from them. Pritam asks Amrita to relax and counts the numbers. Amrita cries nd wishes that Karan could be with her, he would have handled everything. Pritam asks Amrita to relax. Amrita beats him with a water bottle.

Guneet asks Biji why she let Pritam took Amrita. Biji says that Pritam was acting like mad. Kabir arrives and Dadaji scolds Kabir for not staying at home. Nimmo asks Angad to find in which hospital Pritam took Amrita. Angad says that Soni didn’t take her with her. They get worried when Angad gets Pritam’s call. He tells him that they are taking her to life care hospital. Pritam phones Nithin to know if all the arrangements is made in the hospital.

They reach the hospital. Soni says that Amrita sees another doctor. Pritam says that they will reach that hospital late. Nothing friend says that this is best hospital in Delhi. Pritam assures Amrita. Doctor checks Amrita’s report. Pritam says that Amrita got sudden labor pain
Soni says that Amrita got scared as he shouted at her. Doctor asks Pritam if he’s her husband. Soni says no. Pritam says that her husband is died. Amrita says to the doctor that she lost her husband and doesn’t want to lose her baby. Pritam reassures her. Amrita is taken inside. Soni cries saying the baby is their only hope after Karan’s death and gets worried. Pritam recalls how he shouted at Amrita and hits his hand on the wall. Nothing reassures h. Pritam says that some people were following him and trying to shoot at him. Nithin says that Rathi may got to know about the fake RDX. Jogi informs Rathi that Pritam has come to the hospital taking the widow woman. Something is wrong. Pritam is worried. Rathi says that Pritam has some connection with that girl, so he is after her. He asks his men to stay in the hospital and spy on Amrita and her baby as he thinks that she’s Pritam’s weakness. Jogi agrees.

Sakhuja’s arrive at the hospital. Angad and Kabir beat Pritam and warns to kill him. Nimmo asks Angad to leave Pritam. Nimmo says that he badmouthed Amrita. Guneet slaps Pritam saying that he badmouthed his mother too. They gave him respect and love, but what he did. Nithin and Manoj say that Amrita is in labor room with doctor and nurse. Kabir says that he won’t spare Pritam if anything happens to Amrita and her baby. Soni says to Nimmo that Amrita is in pain. Angad tries to hit Pritam, but Nithin stops him. Pritam admits that he has committed a big mistake and assures that he won’t let anything happen to Amrita or her baby. Guneet blames Pritam for Amrita’s condition and threatens to kill him if anything happens to Amrita. Nithin says that Pritam brought Amrita to the hospital and she’s safe. Nithin and Manoj take Pritam from there. Doctor arrives and informs that Amrita is in pain and she’s tired, so she can’t push the baby. The doctor adds that it becomes complicated, she lost lot of water, so they may need to do surgery. Guneet asks to do the operation. Doctor says that in this situation they can only save anyone of them, mom or baby. Nimmo asks to save Amrita. Doctor agrees and asks them to stay all of them there as they may need blood. Angad and all agree. Pritam hears this. Jogi also hears the doctor.

Naveen complaints to Krishnakant that Meera is talking with Kabir. Naveen stops Meera and asks where she’s going, what is going between her and Kabir. Meera warns Naveen to watch his words. Krishnakant stops their fight and asks what she was talking with Kabir. Meera says that Amrita is in the hospital for delivery and her condition is critical. Krishnakant wants to accompany Meera, but Meera and Divya say Krishnakant that the situation isn’t fine there. Naveen says that Krishnakant should not go as they insulted him. Krishnakant shuts Naveen saying it’s about Amrita, Karan’s memory is coming to the world. Krishnakant asks Meera to go and update him in call. Meera leaves asking them to pray for Amrita. Krishnakant says to Naveen it’s not time to show ego and adds that Amrita is a good girl. Krishnakant prays for Amrita and her baby. Guneet updates Dadaji about the situation in the hospital and says that he’s worried. Dadaji asks Guneet to have faith on God and says that Biji is praying for Amrita. Dadaji asks about Pritam. Guneet says to not take his name, he’s still in intoxicated state.

Pritam recalls his behavior with Amrita and blames himself for Amrita’s condition in front of his friends. He says that Vishaka was right, he’s a bad person. His friends asks him to sleep, but he refuses to sleep when Amrita is in pain. Nimmo refuses to eat anything until she sees Amrita fine. Amrita arrives at the hospital. Nimmo asks Meera why she has come here. Meera says that she can’t stop herself from coming here after hearing about Amrita’s condition and requests them to let her stay there. Guneet asks who informed her. Kabir says that she informed her and asks to understand her emotions. Angad arrives there and sees Meera. Pritam refuses to move away until Amrita’s delivery happens. He feels guilty of his act. He asks Nithin to shoot him if anything happens to Amrita. His friends assure him that Amrita will be fine. Pritam asks them to pray for Amrita and her baby.

The episode ends.

Precap: Amrita delivers a baby. Rathi men kidnaps Amrita and the baby.

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