Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana Weekly Update: Amrita and Pritam starts bonding.

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Star plus newly launched family drama Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana has already started making its way to people’s heart with its relatable and close to reality story and its sequences. The story is about Amrita a pregnant widow who lost her husband who was a covid warrior. Her dynamic with her family and the loss suffered by them due to their son’s loss is explained beautifully in the show. Her new tenant Pritam will bring the lost colours in her life.

In the past week we have witnessed, family was upset with Jabirfor blackmailing his boss to get a job. Pritam comforted Kabir and cooked for him but Amrita took him away saying that she can take care. She gave food for Kabir when Angad taunted Kabir. They both fought when Kabir in fury revealed that Angad got his job due to KK. Angad got angry and decided to quit the job. Amrita overheard Guneet saying Nimmo that he decided to sell the shop to pay for Kabir’s loan. Pritam learnt that his wife was creating problems for him to stop meeting his son and gets furious. Amrita decided to sell the bonds in the locker to help the family.
In the locker room, Amrita notices Pritam getting Kids things from the locker but Pritam doesn’t notice her. A clinking toy falls down but Pritam didn’t notice it. Amrita took it and wondered which for which child he got all these. She gave the money sold by the bonds to Kabir to pay for his loan 

The family was upset with Amrita selling the only savings left for her nit Amrita consoled them. Angad said his boss that he wanted to resign the job but his boss made it clear that he gave the job only for his efficiency and not recommendation. He even wished to collaborate with him in a new business. Angad got happy. At office, Meera missed Kabir and found him entering with Guneet.

She immediately hid seeing Guneet. Guneet returned the money to Shetty and apologized for his son’s mistake. He explained his family situation to him and Meera overheard it. She got emotional. Angad shared the happy news with Amrita. Meera got frustrated when her father boasted about money. Pritam found the clinking toy missing and Amrita gave it to him. He felt overwhelmed and thanked her wholeheartedly. Amrita found it weird. Naveen fainted and Meera questioned him that whether he was taking drugs but he denied. 

Amrita consoles Dadaji and Beeji when Dadaji asked for the alternate job the hospital was ready to offer them instead of Karan’s. Amrita got worried and decided to take up the job herself. On the other hand, Pritam spent sleepless night excited about meeting his son the next day. Amrita visited the hospital with her details and they agreed to give her a job in administration. On her way bank hike she found Pritam leaving somewhere and followed him. She got surprised seeing him enter child care. She found him fighting with a lady who was his wife.
His wife insulted Amrita asking whether Pritam was having affair with Amrita. She insulted Amrita and her baby. Amrita fell down unable to hear her disgusting words and got hurt mat home, everyone were worried about Amrita. Amrita came home injured and everyone scolded her for going out at such time. Amrita hid about the job and gave another excuse. On the other hand, Pritam was devastated as he couldn’t meet his son and poured his heart out to Mansour. Amrita called Mansour to ask about Pritam when Mansour lied that he went there for NGO work.

Amrita’s respect for Pritam grew. Pritam’s wife also warned Mansour to keep Pritam away from her son. Amrita and Pritam started getting cordial with each other. 

In the future episodes we will witness Amrita will trust Mansour’s words and will praise Pritam for his NGO work in front of her family. They will call him big hearted person for helping orphans. Pritam will immediately deny that they are orphans. Everyone will get confused. 

Will Pritam say the truth to Sakhujas? Will Pritam get to meet his son? 

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes. 

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