Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana Weekly Update: Sakhujas gets introduced.

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Star plus newly launched family drama Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana has already started making its way to people’s heart with its relatable and close to reality story and its sequences. The story is about Amrita a pregnant widow who lost her husband who was a covid warrior. Her dynamic with her family and the loss suffered by them due to their son’s loss is explained beautifully in the show.

In the previous week we have witnessed, the audience got introduced to Sakhuja’s family who was getting ready for their neighbour Dolly’s wedding. Dolly was Kabir’s ex love whose marriage was called off as Kabir doesn’t have a job.
Dada and Dadi share a comic bond of love fights. Kabir flirts with Dolly and Dolly suggests to run away from wedding. Kabir agreed for it. Amrita faced criticism for being a wisdom but she broke their blind saying by doing what she liked. Kabir got ready to leave with Dolly when his mother Nimmo went missing. Nimmo pleased with government officer for her son and Amirtha’s husband Karan’s ashes who was a covid warrior.

He died of covid but the officer slapped and insulted her. Everyone at House scolded Nimmo for getting insulted voluntarily when Nimmo said that she just wanted to give a peaceful send off to her son. Amrita consoled her.

They recalled the last time Karan visited them before his death. He sat on streets without letting anyone come near him. They recalled how their neighbours mistreated him and asked him to leave due to their fear for corona. They didn’t let him even speak casually with them. They all cried reminiscing their moments spent with Karan. Amrita suggested Angad to resume his marriage with Meera which was called off due to Karan’s death.

Meera who lived with her siblings, father and Aapa considered Amrita’s family as her. Soni dragged Kabir for Dolly’s wedding for help. Dolly who learnt that Kabir never showed up for running away slapped him and falsely accused him for brainwashing her to runaway with him. Dolly’s father trusted her and lashed out at Kabir. Family too taunted Kabir when Soni proved Kabir’s innocence.
Next day Kabir convinced Sakhujas to attend Dolly’s wedding while Krishna kant forbid Meera from attending the wedding citing Covid. Kabir teased Dolly and her father during her send off. Everyone scolded him. Sakhujas felt upset that happiness has left the house with Karan’s death. Meera suggested to resume Angad and Meera’s wedding to bring back the lost happiness.

Kabir, Meera and Angad left for a long drive while the family planned for his wedding. Meera, Angad and Kabir enjoyed their happy tone while Angad hid about his lost job from. After coming home Angad was shocked to learn about his marriage planning abs asked them to drop.

They all forces him when Guneet suffered a great loss in business as rat torn all the new clothes he stored for selling. Kabir and Dada ji cheered him and they all finally agreed to proceed with the marriage. Angad got scared over it. The family visited Meera’s House for finalising the date when Krishna kant insulted them by flaunting his money.

He really didn’t want Meera to marry Angad. On the other hand, Angad was desperately tying to find a job but nothing worked out. Amrita visited her husband’s cabin during check up when an injured guy was brought by the same person who beat him. Amrita got scared seeing him.

In the future episodes we will witness, Krishna Kant will provoke Guneet resulting in him slapping Krishna Kant. A furious Meera will break her ties with the family’s and also her marriage with Angad shocking everyone.

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