Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Kulwant to perform last rites of Meher at Jagga’s crimination ceremony

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Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Kulwant to perform last rites of Meher at Jagga’s crimination ceremony

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Colors popular show Choti Sarrdaarni is all set to witness twist and turns and a leap ahead. Meher got accused of her own brother Jagga’s death. Police arrested Meher and she behaved weirdly in shock. Police thought her behaviour to be an act and took her for an interrogation.

At Dhillon house, Police brought Jagga’s body shocking everyone. Police also revealed Meher as Jagga’s murderer with photograph proofs. Proofs against Meher gave Dhillon a bigger shock. Police took statement from everyone which led to more proofs against Meher. Yuvi scared Param on call revealing Jagga’s murder and Meher as his murderer. He threatened Param to finish his family.

In the upcoming track viewers will get to watch that Sarab reaches Gill mansion and Param runs towards him and hug him crying. He tells that Yuvi on call threatened him that he will finish his family as Meher murdered Jagga. Sarab tells him that Meher didn’t murder Jagga and he will soon bring Meher back.

On the other side, Dhillon Family performs Jagga’s last rites. With Sarabjit’s help Meher got the permission to see Jagga for the last time. Reaching crimination ground Meher once again tried to convince everyone that she is innocent and also request everyone to let her Meet and see Jagga for the last time. But people start taunting and blaming her

Meher tries to convince Bittu and Ranna but they see her with anger. She then moves to Amrita who slaps her hard 5-6 times. At last Kulwant stop Meher from going towards Jagga. Kulwant burns Meher picture and clothes and tell her that she did her last rites too. Yuvi also performs Jagga’s last rites and take promise to finish his murder’s whole family one day.

Meher says to Sarabjit that today her all relationships also got burnt with Jagga. She takes promise from Sarabjit to tell Param and Karan that their Meher Mumma is no more. Sarab tries to stop Meher but Police takes her away. Sarab assures Meher that he knows that she is innocent and will prove it. Everybody will then forgive her and she will have to come back to him and the kids.

As per sources, Meher aka Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia, Kevina Tak aka little Param who is now Seher, Abhianshu Vohra aka Ranna and Abhishek Rawat aka Meher’s lawyer/acquaintance have reached Pahalgam town in Jammu and Kashmir for upcoming track shoot which will be aired after 5-year leap i.e. from 3rd to 5th February 2021. Abhishek Jangra aka Bittu will too reach Kashmir by today.

Another news coming from sources is that Amrita will too die and Tarkash Shivendraa Om Saainiyol will soon return in the show. Here are some upcoming looks of Kevina Tak aka Young Seher, Dhan Tejas aka Teenage Yuvi, Gaurika Sharma aka Young Karan, Avinesh Rekhi aka Sarabjit and Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia aka Meher. Have a look:

How and when will Meher be proved innocent? How will Param and Karan live without Meher? When will Jagga’s real murderer get exposed? Will Yuvi and Dhillons take revenge from Meher even after 5 year leap?

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