Namak Issk Ka Spoiler: Oh No! Iravati orders to bury Kahani alive, Yug to fill Kahani’s Hairline; See Promo

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Namak Issk Ka Spoiler: Oh No! Iravati orders to bury Kahani alive

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Colors TV popular show “Namak Issk Ka” is going to witness huge twist in the upcoming episodes. Kahani is stuck in dilemma and guilt. Because of Rony, she is hurting Rupa by coming in between her married life. She has become a bad person in everyone’s eyes especially Yug. Yug is also getting hurt in process to stop Rony and Kahani. Now Kahani has to save Lucky and Rani anyhow.

In the current track viewers watched that whole family finds out about Rupa and Rony’s divorce. On side where Iravati got angry on Rony and tried to grab his neck. Other side other members of family launched questions on Rupa. She saved Rony by lying that it was her fault as she got suspicious of Rony being in affair with someone. She also lied that papers old.

Everybody got relieved hearing this. Yug tore the papers being suspicious of Rony and Kahani’s affair. Rony in excitement revealed that the divorce papers Yug tore were not original. Patanga in unconscious acting heard everything and revealed everything to Iravati.

In the upcoming track, viewers will get to watch that Yug feels restlessness thinking about the situation, Kahani and his childhood key. While everybody is busy in wedding preparations, Rupa helps Kahani in getting ready for marriage with Rony. She also tells Kahani that she will leave with harsh after her and Rony’s marriage forever, this makes Kahani more guilty.

Iravati will come from behind get angry on Rupa for ruining her own life. She grabs Kahani’s neck and try to kill her, but gets stopped and tied by Rupa and Kahani both. Saroj enters Rupa’s room and mistakes Kahani to be Rupa behind Ghungat and takes her with herself to the Mandap. Iravati fails in giving her hint because of Rupa.

Kahani-Rony and Gunjan-Yug starts the wedding ceremonies. Yug once again feels restless. Patanga finds Iravati missing and search for her. On finding he frees her and follow her order by mixing something in Havan Kund products. Due to Patanga’s trick smoke spreads everywhere. Iravati kidnaps Kahani from Mandap taking advantage of smoke. She also convinces Rupa to sit in mandap by lying to her about Kahani being safe.

Yug one more time feels restless and search for Kahani even while sitting in Mandap. Rupa also feels tensed. On the other side Iravati’s goons take Kahani to a forest. Kahani initially runs from them but unfortunately they catch her again and bury her alive according to Iravati’s orders. Iravati will recall pushing Yug and Kahani’s car in the past.

At Rajput house Rupa acts to faint in mandap feeling Kahani’s life should not be the cost of Yug and Gunjan’s marriage. Rony will get shocked to see Rupa in bridal outfit instead of Kahani.

If sources are to be believed, in the upcoming episodes Rupa being aware of Iravati’s violent nature will seek Yug’s help to find and save Kahani from Iravati’s, murderous plan. Here maybe Yug and Kahani will find their childhood connection through the important childhood key that they keep and protect with themselves.

Colors recently released a new promo Where Yug in anger will be seen filling Kahani’s hairline. See Below:

How will all this mess lead to Kahani and Yug’s marriage will be the most interesting thing to watch. How will Kahani get out of this danger? Who will save her? Will Rony’s real face get exposed in front of everyone?

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