Aangan Apno Kaa 8th February 2024 Written Update: Pallavi questions Aparna’s condition

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The episode starts with Aparna going crazy about Pallavi turning Akash against her. She decides to separate Akash from Pallavi, and she won’t let Akash become Ghar Jamai. Kusum gets happy. Aparna tells if Pallavi doesn’t leave her responsibility of daughter, then she won’t let Pallavi live a happy life as a wife and daughter in law.


In Sharma’s house, Jaydev encourages Pallavi to go to her house and expand her family. Pallavi says that she will take care of both responsibilities as a daughter and daughter in law. Jaydev gets emotional. He joins Pallavi’s hand with Akash. Everyone looks happy and emotional.

Later, before Pallavi’s vidaai ceremony, Jaydev decides to tell a poetry that he has done during both Deepika and Tanvi’s vidaai ceremony too. But before that, he gives an emotional speech about his bond with Pallavi. Both Pallavi and Jaydev recall the moments they shared together. Jaydev teases Akash, saying that Pallavi will turn the teacher when it’s needed, which brings a smile to everyone’s face. Jaydev says Pallavi has grown up too fast, though every father wishes but not like this. He then tells poetry. Deepika and Tanvi recite few lines of his poetry lines. Jaydev then completes the poetry. Pallavi gets emotional. She hugs Jaydev. Jaydev asks Pallavi to give love to her in-law’s the same way he loved them. Everyone gets emotional. The Sharma’s shares a hug. Pallavi says that she misses her mother. She then hugs both her sister’s and says they are no less than a mother to her. She also makes a promise to Jaydev to fulfil her responsibility as both daughter and daughter in law. She then leaves with Akash. Jaydev and the family members get emotional along with Pallavi.

Here, Kusum encourages Aparna to keep her this attitude to throw Pallavi out of their life. She further advises Aparna not to fall into Pallavi’s trap, who might try to change her mind. She also happily says Pallavi has two mother in law’s, so together, they can throw Pallavi out of their life. Aparna says to Kusum that she has some plans to welcome Pallavi. She then puts a hairpin in the red water, and she looks on with determination.

Akash and Pallavi reaches Akash’s house. Akash happily says finally they get married.” Pallavi tells him that she always needs his support always. Akash promises the same. He also decides to lift Pallavi in his arms like filmy style to perform the girahpravesh, but Pallavi refuses. They both stare at each other.

Aparna arrives there with her family members to perform post wedding rituals. Pallavi gets hurt when she puts her feet on the red colour water during the girahpravesh ritual. But she hides the pain. Aparna smirks at Pallavi. Akash takes blessings from Aparna, but the latter tells Pallavi that if she agrees to her condition, then she will get her blessings. She then asks Pallavi not to have any contact with Jaydev for the 15 days she is staying here, which shocks Pallavi. Pallavi questions her weird condition to which Aparna says even she put forth a condition like this. Even Akash went against her one request so the least Pallavi could do something for her. Akash agrees to Aparna’s condition, which shocks Pallavi. Pallavi gets worried wondering whether she can able to fulfil her responsibility as a daughter or not while Aparna looks happy.

Precap: Pallavi gets determined to win Aparna’s heart, but Aparna decides to throw Pallavi out of their house at any cost. Jaydev gets worried about Pallavi’s well-being.

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