Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 6th May 2021 Written Update: Nandini teaches a lesson to Namrata

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Screenshot 2021 0421 185334

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Episode starts with Nandini leaving the guesthouse while everyone gets dumbstruck. Rajvi along with her family tries to stop her. Rajvi rebuke Darsh for his behaviour and requests Nandini to stay. She tries to convince her that all the misunderstandings will get clear and ask her to give a chance to her relationship. Chetan says that he will scold Darsh, whereas Nirali also tries to stop her but Nandini stays firm on her decision. Rajvi snatches her bag while Namrata looks at them with bored expression. Nandini states that she can’t stay in a relationship where there is no respect. She goes away, while Rajvi gets anxiety attack and falls down.

Everyone gets shocked and tries to help Rajvi. Nandini sees this and returns back. She remembers the previous attack of Rajvi and asks Gunjan to rub Rajvi’s foot. Keshav ask Darsh to call the ambulance. Namrata also gets worried, whereas Darsh panics and tries to lift Rajvi when Shobhit comes there and pushes Darsh back stating that he can’t able to do it. He takes Rajvi inside while everyone follows them being tensed.

Doctor checks Rajvi and ask them to be careful with her. He questions if anyone is there to take care of her? To which Rajvi says that she have her daughter-in-laws. Gunjan smiles and was about to come forward when Rajvi takes Nandini’s name. She states that Nandini have helped her previously also and so she can perfectly take care of her. Further, she ask her family not to worry about her and sends everyone out except for Nandini. She also tells that she will talk to Darsh afterwards. Darsh denies to leave her along with Nandini but Rajvi somehow convinces him.

Ahead, Rajvi apologises to Nandini for Darsh’s behaviour and then shows her gratitude towards her for staying. She cries saying that Darsh had done wrong by agreeing to Namrata’s demand. She says that she can understand Nandini’s situation and states that she knows Nandini is right from her prospective, but then tells her about her helplessness as a mother and requests Nandini to give a chance to Darsh to rectify his mistake. Nandini agrees to Rajvi’s request and consoles her. She reminds her about doctor’s words asking her not to take stress. She shows her concern towards Rajvi making her emotional, whereas Rajvi smiles and ask her to make soup.

Here, Nandini prepares soup for Rajvi when Gunjan comes there and mocks her. Gunjan orders that she will give the soup to Rajvi, while Nandini ask her to serve with heart. At that time Namrata comes there and scolds Nandini for making soup for Rajvi. Whereas, Nandini teaches a lesson to Namrata. She gets furious and leaves from there after glaring Nandini.

Rajvi talks to Darsh and scolds him for his behaviour. He apologises to her while she says that there is no excuses for his mistake. She ask him to be responsible and apprises him about how hurt Nandini is by his action. Meanwhile, Darsh grits his teeth thinking about Nandini and determines to make her pay for her deeds.

Further, Darsh goes to meet Nandini and pretends to be nice with her. He forwards his hand while she smiles and holds it. He gives her a paper asking her to read it, whereas Shobhit spots them and gets furious seeing them happy. He leaves from there while Nandini reads the paper and gets dumbfounded. Darsh says that he have mentioned all the details of money which was spent in their marriage and reminds Nandini about her words to pay for her marriage. Nandini looks at him being shocked while he oaths to make her life hell.

Precap:- Shobhit burns his and Darsh’s pictures and determines to create rift in between Nandini and him. Meanwhile, Nandini faces Darsh fiercely stating that she isn’t afraid of him.

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