Aarohi feels bad for Deep: Ishq Mein Marjawan

Colors TV revenge drama Ishq Mein Marjawan is witnessing high voltage drama with Deep’s father entry.

As reported earlier, Deep has send Kia with a bag to deliver it to someone. Aarohi gets to know the bag contains explosive material and rushes behind her to save her and other people. Aarohi successfully saved everyone. Later, Aarohi chained Deep to his bed. Deep shouts at Aarohi and ask her to free him. Aarohi comes there and says to Deep that she has done biggest mistake of her life by trusting him. Aarohi says she will not let him harm her family anymore. Deep says to her that she has gone crazy and asks her to free him. Aarohi continues to count what all he did with her.

Meanwhile, Randhir calls Deep and tells him that his stuff is caught. Deep irks and says to Aarohi that she can’t block his way by doing these. He says to her that he will complete his mission anyhow. Aarohi says his game will be over soon.

Otherside, Aarohi receives a letter from Kia. Kia writes in her letter to save her, as deep wants to kill her. Aarohi shouts Kia’s name and asks Deep to tell where Kia is? Deep says he don’t know where is Kia but informs her that Kia is kidnapped.

Now in the upcoming episode viewers’ will witness, Aarohi will feel bad for Deep.

Aarohi will be affected after Ranjit will hit Deep. On the other hand, Kia is tourched by her kidnappers.

How Aarohi will save her sister, what next Deep will do to take revenge from Aarohi and what new twist Ranjit will bring in the show, for all the answers, keep watching Ishq Mein Marjawan on Colors TV, Mon-Fri.

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