After Komolika, Mr.Bajaj to bring twist in: Kasauti Zindagi Kay2


After Komolika arrested, drama is still high in Kasauti Zindagi Kay2.

As reported earlier, Anurag shows the clip to Chaubey. Komolika ask her dad not to believe Anurag. Anurag scares Chaubey by saying he is also getting recorded. He tells him that his power and position too will be at risk if supports Komolika. Chaubey decides to step back. Komolika shouts at Chaubey and ask him not to cheat her. Anurag ask Chaubey not to cheat or trouble them else he will make video to go viral. Chaubey agrees. Komolika screams in anger and says to Chaubey to make them arrest. Chaubey slaps Komolika. Chaubey regrets for not giving good upbringing to Komolika. Later, Chaubey takes a decision that shocks Komolika. Chaubey asks police to arrest her daughter for her deeds and put her behind the bars. Komolika promises to destroy Anurag and Prerna before leaving.

Nivedita tries to bond with Prerna but Mohini warns her that she will lose her mom if she gets friendly with Prerna. Nivedita stuns hearing her.

Now in the upcoming episode will see, Anurag and Prerna will reach Sharma house and will find the place in total mess. Prerna will call out for Shivni. Here, Veena will shout from room. Anurag will go there and will find Rohit and Anurag will beat him and will threaten him. Emotional Veena will bless Anurag. Later , Anurag and Prerna will clean up the house and will share some romantic moment. Later on at Basu house, lawyer will inform Basu family about a businessman who is a partner of Komalika and is destroying Basu publication. Meanwhile, Prerna will ask who is Mr. Bajaj and why he is interested in their publication. Anurag will say they need to find, if he is having any connection with Komolika.

It will be interesting to watch what next happens in Kasauti Zindagi Kay2.

Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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