High voltage drama ahead in Ishq Mein Marjawan

Radhir to save Aarohi and alerts her about Deep’s intension.

Colors TV revengeful show Ishq Mei Marjawan always justifies its core concept. The show is based on taking revenge and in the series Deep, Aarohi and others are always up to take revenge from one another.

Aarohi to revenge Deep brought his father. Deep gets scared recalling her childhood when his father used to beat him black and blue. Deep thinks Aarohi has to pay for bringing his father back into his life. Deep confronts Aarohi about the same. Aarohi explains him that they are again on the same spot where they want to beat each other. But this time she will win. Deep leaves the place. Aarohi sees his wounds and stops Deep. She rushes to bring first aid but deep take her to the kitchen and ask her to apply salt instead of ointment. Deep pushes away Aarohi saying he will make her pay for this soon.

Later, Deep goes to Kia and gives her one bag to deliver. Deep’s father sees the powder and informs Aarohi that the bag contains drug. Aarohi gets stunned seeing Kia carrying the bag. Deep’s dad tries to stop Kia but she leaves.

Now in the upcoming episode, Aarohi will try to save her sister. Meanwhile, a stranger will save Aarohi from the blast and she mistakes him for Randhir. Afterwards, Randhir tells her about Deep’s intention.

Who saved Aarohi and what is deep’s next plan to trouble Aarohi and her family. Deep’s father is really on Aarohi’s side or double crossing her, well there is only one answer for these questions- Keep watching Ishq Mei Marjawan, mon-fri, 7:30pm on colors channel.

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