Ali Baba Dastaan-e-Kabul 11th January 2023 Written Update: Nazia sees Simsim turning into the black shadow

Ali Baba Dastaan-e- Kabul 11th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Alifi telling the kids to go to different directions to find the Farishta. Poya says they are near wrong room and they can’t find him like that. Saviour moves here and there. Abdali hides from Nafi seeing him by covering himself with a shawl. Simsim thinks the magical book should be here only. Alifi finds nobody and Nafi Poya shock her by calling from behind. They see one shadow and find Abdali. Abdali says he is not Farishta but he wants to know who is that person. He threatens the kids to reveal the person’s name. Poya thinks how to tell him they are doubting the Farishta is Ali.

Nazia says the members are increasing in the family but they don’t have enough money. She gets emotional looking at Kasim’s photo and says how will she handle the family all alone without him. The Farishta overhears her talk. Nazia says Ali ran away like a coward. Abdali tries to hit the kids but Farishta makes him unconscious by hitting him. He shows salam and Poya says it’s similar like Ali used to do. Kids stop the Farishta and say that why he is avoiding them like that. If they made any mistake then he should clearly state that. They can’t manage anything without him, they are orphans without his presence. They want to hug him but Farishta runs away. They call him but in vain.

Simsim finds a book and wonders if this is Mustafa’s book. She reads that Mustafa planned to go to the cave to save the Parbaaz people. He also wrote that his magic will never die. It will live through his sons. Nazia asks Simsim what she is doing here? Simsim drops the book and says everyone is afraid of her but Nazia scared her today. Simsim turns into black shadow and captures Nazia. Khusro and Garifa help Abdali get up. Abdali says he knows their trick and he will tell their truth to Nazia. They go behind Abdali to stop him. Simsim tries to vanish Nazia after capturing her but Abdali notices Simsim. She thinks he always enters in wrong time. Nazia and Simsim lie to them that they are doing household work together. Abdali complaints against Khusro and Garifa to Nazia. Khusro says Abdali has lost it and they can’t harm him as he is more powerful than them.

Abdali requests Simmi Jaan to spend time with him but she thinks if she leaves then she won’t be able to get the book. Abdali says why she is doing work like a servant. He forcibly takes her out and Farishta enters the room in their absence. He also looks for the book. Kids feel that Ali is the Farishta only. They think why he is disappearing again and again. Nafi says he can find Farishta. He shows a piece of cloth to them which belongs to Farishta. He says they will reach him by smelling the cloth. Abdali asks Simsim not to get angry, he tells her to become like before and she should start staying with him again. He will fulfil all her wishes. Khusro says he will make her give service to him. Khusro and Garifa again fight over Simmi Jaan belongs to whom. She applies magic on three of them and says she will choose that person who will stand on one leg for longer. They stand on one leg and Simsim leaves. Nafi smells the cloth and reaches a room. Farishta finally picks the book and turns the pages. Nafi says he feels like Farishta is in Mustafa’s room only. Simsim sees Farishta and says she won’t spare anyone today as every member is connected to him.

Precap- Simsim applies magic on Farishta when he runs away. Nafi turns into puppet and Poya gets shocked seeing that. He finds Simsim standing there.

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