Ali Baba- Dastaan-e-Kabul 26th October 2022 Written Update: Mirwaiz sacrifices his life to save Mariam

Ali Baba- Dastaan-e-Kabul 26th October 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Alifi calling Zorawar by changing her voice and he turns back. He tries to find out who called him. He loses Mariam. Kids hide seeing him. Mariam’s soldier gets caught by Khurram and Baizaad. The thief says he will catch the magician, instead of them. Khurram tells his men to attack the thief but the latter kills all. He hypnotises Khurram and also kills him too. Zorawar catches Alifi and questions her why did she fool him? She asks him why he was following Marjina? Thief interrogates Mirwaiz about the talisman, but the latter refuses to tell anything. He notices Mariam is running towards him after seeing him in danger. Mirwaiz ends his life to save Mariam from the thief. He utters his last words that Kabul will be free from terror soon. He will never find the magician. Mariam gets shocked seeing Mirwaiz is dead. Thief calls him stupid and leaves.

Mariam comes to Mirwaiz and sheds tears for him. She says she wont let his sacrifice go to waste. She will take revenge from Saddam and will take back Kabul from him. She will kill everyone who will support him. She will give lesson to the betrayers. She leaves with determination and Baizaad finds Khurram dead and gets upset. Zorawar tries to put Alifi in prison and he wants to torture her. Imad hits Zorawar’s head with rod and the latter faints. Kids ask Imad if Zorawar is dead. Imad says he attacked him to save Alifi only. He gets nervous. Poya checks Zorawar is still alive. Alifi stops the kids from leaving and says they can’t leave Zorawar in this condition. Ali wouldn’t have done that. Nafi says they can’t wait here like that. Mariam sees the royal coin and plans how to reach Daragazi and his men. She feels someone is coming inside the room and she is about to hit him but realises it’s Ali. He asks her why she disappeared without telling him. She makes excuses and he tries to see the coin she is holding. She tries to get it back from him and they fall together. He says she can’t take his help if she needs. Mariam notices a secret message and reads that.

Kids carry unconscious Zorawar and struggle to move. They say that he doesn’t deserve to stay in Mamuli Gully even. Mariam reads that someone called her in a place which is in Parbaaz. Zorawar gains conciousness and falls down. He gets mad at the kids and they run away seeing him. They bump into Mariam. Mariam asks them about the place she is looking for. She says she will stay in Parbaaz. Nafi says Poya’s magic is not working anymore. Ali worries for Fatima’s father. He goes inside to check. Fatima’s mother forcibly gives a medicine to her husband so that he falls sick and Ali comes to save him with his magic. Ali will try hard and Fatima’s life will be filled with happiness. Fatima is scared to see that.

Precap- Ali learns some kids are missing in Parbaaz. Their mothers are crying, thief brings them back and says he can do anything with magic. Ali says he is lying as magic doesn’t exist.

The episode starts with the man narrating Ramayan’s story. Khusro compares himself with Hanuman Ji and his other two friends are called as Laxman and Sugriv. The man adds how Ram defeated Ravan and took back Sita with him. Mariam recalls how Ali saved her. The man says when Ravan died all darkness has been erased and people are celebrating the day as Diwali. Its called festival of lights. Ali likes the story and says if Ravan can be dead then the forty thieves are nothing in front them. He will defeat the thieves too using his tactics. Ali thanks the man for the good story narration. He shows them the fireworks in the sky. Mariam leaves the place in order to find her people. Her soldier says he will signal her when the right time will come. Mariam decides to spend time with Ali and the kids before leaving Parbaaz. Zorawar notices her and thinks he will learn what Mariam is hiding.

Khusro eats laddoo and misses his family in India. The businessmen ask him if he is from India. Khusro says how he ended up in Kabul and Ali helped him at every point. He will never forget his favour. He says his real name is Kishore and he is hiding his identity here. Ali there forces the doctor to show some magic to people to entertain them. Doctor denies but he still shows magic by changing the color of the water. Thief bumps into Poya and the latter gets angry at him. Thief gets shocked seeing him. Poya disappears due to crowd and thief also goes to see who is the magician. He thinks the doctor is the magician then whom he will catch. Zorawar looks for Mariam and wonders where did she go.

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