Ali Baba- Dastaan-e- Kabul 3rd November 2022 Written Update: Ali experiences magic spell

Ali Baba- Dastaan-e- Kabul 3rd November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ali thinking he cant defeat the thieves all alone. Mariam reaches Ali’s house and tells the kids to hear the knocking sound attentively as it might be a signal sent by Imad. Nafi tries to hear the sound and Mariam asks him to give attention. Imad and Alifi fall unconscious. Nafi says the sound is not coming anymore. Mairam tells Nafi to keep trying to hear. Ali falls down while running away from the thieves. Mariam prays to Allah to get help to save Imad and Alifi. Imad recalls Ali’s words that he should not lose hope. Imad wakes up and starts knocking again. Mariam tells Nafi to hear from where the sound is coming. Nafi hits the door with a sharp thing and removes one stone. He clearly hears the sound coming from Hakim Mirwaiz’s house.

Mariam says but Shifazan is staying there now. Mariam heads towards his house but Poya and Nafi caution her saying Shifazan is dangerous and Ali warned them not to go near him. He only kidnapped the kids. Mariam thinks she won’t stop but will save the innocent kids. They go to check the house but finds nobody. Ali tries his best run faster and ends up near Simsim’s cave. Thief says now he has nowhere to go, he will die by their hands today. Mariam finds Alifi and Imad at last. She frees all kids and feels relieved. She takes them outside. Ali thinks he might lose his life today, thieves think they will finally fulfil Simsim’s wish by killing the magician. Ali drops one of his signs to let his family know that he died here.

Parbaaz people get back their lost kids and feel happy. Mariam says it happened because of Imad’s intelligence. Alifi asks for Ali and there he thinks of jumping the cliff instead of getting killed by the thieves. He jumps off and feels sad for witnessing his own death. He wishes to see his kids for one last time. He hopes for a magic to happen. He ends up being in the Parbaaz and gets stunned to be there. He thinks how did he get saved from death. How did the magic happen?

Ali’s kids hug him happily and they praise Mariam for saving the kids. Ali hugs her to show her gratitude and says she did a huge favour on him today. Fatima sees that and Mariam hugs him back. Mariam says his kids are also brave. Ali hugs them all and Fatima thinks to keep away Mariam from Ali. Parbaaz people tell the head that their kids came back to normal and some of them turned into disabled again. Alifi says she saw Shifazan last time. Ali wonders if that was really magic and if it happened once then it can happen again. He goes to a place and makes a wish to go to his kids again. But it doesn’t work. He thinks it happened near the cliff when he jumped so he has to go there again to recheck if magic exists.

Simsim learns the magician left, she says she sacrificed herself to the devil and learned the story of Talisman’s creation. Two planets have made it by being into one. Whenever the two parts of the Talisman come closer then magic happens. She says Ali applied magic because of coming to close contact of Iblis’s Talisman. Ali asks his father if magic is real and to get his answers he jumps off the cliff again after gathering courage. He again wishes to meet his kids and magic works. Simsim notices that Iblis’s Talisman is shining. She smirks.

Precap- Simsim says on this special day Ali will come to Iblis on his own with the Talisman other half. It will attract him to meet the other half. Ali gets possessed and leaves.

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