Ali Baba-Dastaan-e-Kabul: Nazia to be called as the black shadow?

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Sab TV show Ali Baba-Dastaan-e-Kabul will witness a shocking twist very soon. The show revolves around Ali and Mariam’s struggle to save Kabul from the terror of Iblis and his forty thieves. Simsim is trying her best to wake Iblis up by getting the Talisman gem but will she succeed? that will be interesting to watch.

In previous episode, Dadi tells Simsim not to be overconfident as soon the saviour will kill her. Dadi also threatens her saying she will expose Simmi Jaan’s truth. Simsim chokes her and makes her unconscious with her magic but doesn’t kill her. She says Dadi needs to witness the destruction of Kabul by her and Iblis. She puts half alive Dadi in a box and hides her from everyone.

Meanwhile Khusro and Garifa get into a fight over who will take care of Simmi Jaan. Simsim pretends to sleep in front of Nazia. Nazia gets hyper and tells Khusro and Garifa to throw Simmi Jaan out as its not a shelter for everyone. Simsim thinks she can’t leave this place without finding any secret of the Saviour.

There Saviour is working on how to defeat the shadow. Zamrud and his friend consider Nazia as the black shadow seeing her in black clothes. Later Simsim talks to Poya and behaves sweetly. She says there’s something in this house which is why Dadi recognised her easily. Nazia goes to Abdali so that he can take Simmi Jaan back.

In future episode viewers will see, Zamrud will tell Abdali that Nazia is the real black shadow. There Simsim will be busy searching for any clue to catch the saviour.

When will Ali come back?

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