An exciting Weekend Ka Vaar has Salman Khan tune-up the entertainment with Harrdy Sandhu and Sargun Mehta!

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The Weekend Ka Vaar episodes are always an exciting time in Bigg Boss where host Salman Khan introduces a slew of entertaining tasks for housemates. There are also some really amazing guests who grace the show and up the fun levels in the episode!

This time, the Weekend Ka Vaar starts with Salman Khan giving a chance to the contestants to name one weakness of theirs because of which others have taken their advantage. Arshi is the first on who says that because of her trustworthy nature, Eijaz has taken an advantage and not respected her enough. Eijaz, on his part, says that he over-shares his emotions with people and blames Nikki for taking advantage of that. Aly says that Rakhi and Nikki have taken an advantage of him playing the game on backfoot. He promises that from now on, he will play more aggressively. Rubina says that Eijaz, Rahul and Sonali have taken undue advantage od her caring nature! Abhinav, on the other hand, says that his quiet attitude has had several housemates take his advantage and that now he will start on a new note!

Harrdy Sandhu and Sargun Mehta are next to enter with a controversial yet entertaining task. The housemates have to name their fellow contestants who have done ‘fareb’ or cheating with them! They have to feed a chilly laddo to the erring members. Nikki names Rahul as her ‘Farebi’, and Rahul in return feeds the Mirchi Ka Laddo to Nikki. Sonali and Arshi choose to feed the laddo to Rubina, who is almost overwhelmed with an overdose of the spicy snack!

It’s now time for celebration and host Salman Khan plays some of the choicest numbers for the housemates to dance on! Rakhi sets the stage on fire as she does a high-energy dance number. Even Salman Khan cannot stop himself from dancing and breaks into a whistle which only excites the housemates. Aly and Sonali, next dance to Salman’s own hit song, Dhadke Dil Baar Baar! This time, too, Salman breaks into his signature step and the housemates all try to imitate the same!

With a combination of dance, drama and entertainment, Sunday’s Weekend Ka Vaar marks another memorable one in Bigg Boss.

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