Ansh and Pia plans against Shalaka: Nazar

In Star Plus show Nazar viewers to witness high voltage drama ahead.

Ansh and Pia plans against Shalaka: Nazar

So far in the story, Mehendi ceremony of Neha starts. Shalaka insists to put Mehendi to Neha. Chitali says smoke queen is here. Later, priests and Nishant comes there. Everyone gets busy in enjoying the function; meanwhile Shalaka enters Neha’s body. No one sees her entering Neha’s body. Everyone searches for Neha, Chitali tells she has seen Neha going towards corridor. Family follows her. Neha was about to jump from the terrace but Ansh stops her from doing that. Neha asked about her son. Family comes there and Shalaka comes out from Neha’s body.

Shalaka asks Ansh about her son. Ansh takes her to the room and says your son is her. Shalaka couldn’t find him. She shouts at Ansh to return her son. Ansh says he brought her there and now he can’t help her if she doesn’t find her son. Shalaka says she will destroy his family is she don’t get her son back.

In the upcoming episode will see, Ansh will tell Pia that Shalak is smoke and enters body via eyes. He tells her that we need to find a way to end her life. Pia says she is not any creature; she is smoke. Ansh will say smoke will kill smoke. Ahead Ansh and Pia will try to hide Kohra’s corpse from the eyes of Shalaka. However, soon she will get upper hand goes after Pia and Ansh.

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