Anurag and Prerna shares a romantic moment: Kasauti Zindagi Kay2

Anupre fans gear up yourself, to witness some romantic moments between Anurag and Prerna in the upcoming episodes.

Anurag and Prerna shares a romantic moment: Kasauti Zindagi Kay2

As reported earlier, drama is high in the serial Kasauti Zindagi Kay2 after Moloy Basu gains his consciousness. Everyone gets happy hearing this this but Komolika was shocked because it was she who has planned his accident also Moloy knows her secrets too. Komolika decides to kill him. She disguises as doctor and enters his room to kill him but she locked herself in the cupboard when Prerna enters the room at the same time.

Now in the upcoming episodes will see Komolika will escape from the cupboard by fooling the nurse. Later, doctor will declare that Moloy is paralysed and he can only see but can’t move or speak. Anurag will ask for his discharge. Basu family will be overjoyed with the return of the Moloy, at Basu house. Here, Komolika will lose her temper seeing Moloy at Basu house.

What happens next will be interesting to watch but Anupre fans will enjoy the upcoming as Anurag and Prerna will share romantic moments ahead in the show.

Anurag and Prerna shares a romantic moment: Kasauti Zindagi Kay2

Anurag confesses his love for the Prerna at the hospital. After coming back they will share a romantic moment and Anurag will also take a stand for Prerna when Komolika will try to insult Prerna at the Party.

Yes, very soon there will be celebration in the show and the promo of the show is out too. In the Promo- Prerna and Vikrant was standing together when a drink falls on his dress and Prerna cleans it up. Komolika sees this and tries to take the advantage of the situation to insult Prerna by calling her characterless. But soon Anurag will shout back at Komolika in front of all and takes a stand for Prerna.

How Komolika will react after this will be worth a watch. How excited you are for the upcoming, leave comment.

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