Ansh and Pia to be successful to save their son from Mohana

Star Plus supernatural show Nazar is running in the past events of the show. Ansh and Piya who were unable to to save themselves from the poison opted for an another alternative. Ansh who came with the future dagger stabbed his entire family and himself to save them. For this all of them forget whatever they had or have in the life at that moment and reached in a past time of time circle where Ansh and Piya didn’t meet or know each other. However, Ansh was successful in making the entire Rathore family reminding about their life is fighting with Mohana to reach Pia. On the other hand Mohana never wanted Ansh to meet Pia so that her reason of death Adi never born again.  

In the last night episode of the show Ansh reached the place where Pia and Naman are getting married to each other. Ansh throws Pia’s earring to her and requested her to hold it for once for his sake. However, she accidentally stepped on it and remember her life, marriage, son and family and finally reunites with Ansh. On the other hand Mohana eloped with Adi’s rock so that he can’t come back to life to kill her. Ansh and Pia upon reach the Malhotra house got to know that Mohana left with Adi already.

In tonight episode viewers of the show will get to see the entire  Malhotra family who was hanging from the bridge rope along with Nishant ji finally will be able to get safe from this deadly attack of Mohana. On the other hand Ansh and Pia will rescue Adi successfully and revives him into life. Mohana will threat them to get ready to face the consequences of this whole happenings. Later Pia finds herself and Aditya in danger due to an unknown enemy attacking them. Will Ansh be able to save her and Aditya from this uncalled danger? To know such updates about your favourite shows everyday keeps a tab on this space.