Web of Conspiracies in Tujhse Hai Raabta

Zee TV show Tujhse Hai Raabta is going to witness the marriage preparations of Atharva Bapat and Kalyani Rane in the upcoming episodes. As we all know Atharva who entered the house saying that he is married to Sampada finally takes a flip and now he is manipulating Atul so that he can marry Kalyani. From the day Atul comes out of the jail he has a bad taste regarding Malhar. His disliking for him reached to a point that he is no more able to see his daughter is in love with Malhar and she don’t want to stay away from her husband and her son Moksh.

Atharva who is always been a traitor and a liar is again starting playing his cheap games and manipulations to achieve his goal. In the latest episodes of the show the regular audiences are seeing that finally Malhar and Kalyani is able to find out how Atharva became heir of such huge property overnight?


Malhar and Kalyani both get hold of some evidences from hospital which tells that not Sampada but it’s Mugdha who is the real wife of Atharva Bapat. Kalyani who wants to tell the whole truth to Atul gets a halt when she finds out that Anupriya, her mom is being abducted by Atharva’s people. To save her life she has to give in to his demand of marrying her at any cost.

In tonight episode viewers will see Malhar will come to Deshmukh house with proofs and expose Atharva’s real face in front of all the family member. But at the peak of time Kalyani will reach there and will snatch the papers of evidence from Malhar’s hand.

Malhar will be left shocked with such behavior of Kalyani and add more to his misery she will accuse him of using her in his hip of lies. Well with Kalyani being caught in the web of lies and blackmailing by Atharva will Malhar can save her and Anupriya from this situation?

Will the audience awaiting for the love story of Malhar and Kalyani will get to be happy or left disappointed? Only time can answer the questions as of now.