Ansh to Kill Pia in Nazar

Star Plus show Nazar is witnessing high voltage drama with Ansh is looking for Pia to kill her.

In the episodes, Adi gets saved because of Pia’s earring. Pia asks for her earring, Mohana says she left it somewhere. She asks to find the earring before Ansh sees it.

Ansh enquires about Pia from Nishant. Nishant says he doesn’t know about him. Ansh finds Pia and asks her to give back Adi. Pia stabs Ansh and he falls down. Mohana comes out from Ansh’s body and later he takes out the dragger from his body.

Otherside, Vedshree healt gets worsen. Nishant says only the liquid that Mohana has can save her life.

In the upcoming episode, will see Pia will sacrifice her life to save Vedshree.

Nishant gets a box. He finds capsules in it and says this is a life and death capsules. One can save Vedshree’s life.

Ahead will see Ansh will be umar to find Adi so he will kill Pia and will kill Pia and will threaten to murder Mohana. Meanwhile, Nishant will offer Shekhar a solution. Here, Naman will learn about the assassin.

Pia will run in the jungle, Ansh will see her and will burn her.

Do it is the end of Ansh and Pia’s story or there will be some twist, well to know more keep watching Nazar on Star Plus.

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