Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai- Will Naira allow Kartik to meet Kairav regularly?

Star Plus’s Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai has come to a very significant turn in its storyline as Naira has to take the decision of whether to let Kartik and Kairav meet regularly or not. She has already allowed them to meet once in the recent episode and have been a witness of the special bond they share with each other. She became emotional as well as watching the father and son playing with each other as memories from the past started resurfacing in her mind.
With that, she is reminded of what she had had to go through when she conceived Kairav. Therefore, she will be reluctant to heat things up by letting them recognize each other as a real father and son.
In the upcoming episode though, her reluctance will be shaken as Kartik will send her a message concerning all this where he is very emotional in expressing his thoughts. She will be confused about what to do. Ultimately, the softness and warmth in her character will win over every reasoning and she will decide to let Katik meet with Kairav.
This is totally an unexpected decision on her part and is certainly an important step for the forthcoming story. As it is, the father and son will definitely have to reunite someday if not this soon.
Fans are more excited for seeing the reunion between Naira and Kartik and them resolving all the misunderstanding from the past.
Kairav is the key for them to bond again and falls back in love like they were used to. For now, a reunion of Kartik and Kairav even if the truth of their real relationship is not revealed is good enough. In the coming episode, we will also see Kairav leaving to meet Kartik while Kartik leaves for the airport.
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