Anupama 28th November 2020 Written Update: Hasmukh throws Vanraj out from the house

Anupama 28th November 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Dolly saying to Anupama that if she will get separated from Vanraj than the family will break. Anupama asks Dolly why only woman has to take the responsibility of the house. Dolly says nowadays it is very common at offices that men get attracted towards their junior for time pass. She adds Kavya is same time pass for Vanraj else he would have gone to her long back. Anupama says to Dolly that she is today’s girl but keeps a regressive thinking. She says the family and children don’t belong to only her. Anupama says Vnraj keeps an equal share. She asks Dolly why she is making her understand by taking Vanraj’s side. Sanjay comes and supports Anupama. He says his brother is with her. Sanjay asks Dolly to come.

Next day, Samar sees Nandini. Duo recalls their moment.  Nandini asks Samar how is everyone at home. Samar says nothing is good. He thinks he learnt with Vanraj’s act that you should not give tears to anyone.

Head, Kavya asks Vanraj to leave his house and come to her. She asks Vanraj if all is upset with him than he should come to her to find a solution with a peace. Vanraj says he wants to deal with the situation. He says he wants to talk with Leela and Hasmukh as, the family belongs to him too. Kavya thinks he wants Vanraj here because she is scared what is Shah’s emotionally blackmails him and separate him from her. Here, Vanraj thinks Kavya holds different place but family is important for him.

Anupama takes care of Hasmuk. Leela comes and Anupama asks her to smile. She gives tea to Leela. Vanraj comes and says to Hasmuk that he wants to talk with him. Hasmuk says none should take any decision when angry thus, last night he didn’t told his decision. Anupama helps Hasmuk to stand. Hasmuk says Vanraj can’t stay at his house anymore. He says he don’t bother whether he stays at office, hotel or at Kavya’s place. Anupama and Vanraj stands shocked.

Leela disagree with Hasmuk’s decision. She says to Hasumk that they should teach Vanraj a lesson instead of throwing him out from the house. Hasmuk gets adamant to throw Vanraj out from the house. Other side, Vanraj tries to talk with Pakhi but she runs away. Anupama goes behind her. Pakhi says she hates Vanraj. Samar and Paritosh also don’t act good Vanraj. Paritosh says to Vanraj that he blindly trusted him but he manipulated him. He supports Anupama.

Other side, Anupama console Pakhi. Pakhi wishes to stay with both and cries. Paritosh refuses to support Vanraj. Vanraj stands shocked. (Episode ends)

Precap: Vanraj asks Anupama to get out from the house. Hasmukh disowns Vanraj.

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