Anupamaa 13th August 2020 Written Update: Anupamaa’s trust shocks Devika

Anupamaa 13th August 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Anupamaa says Devika is her friend that’s why didn’t slapped her if it’s said by someone else she would have killed that person. She says Vanraj is her pride. She doesn’t know anything but she knows to trust, that trust is her life. She says her husband won’t give her rights to anyone else and asks Devika to not utter a word against him. Devika says Anupamaa saw house but she saw the world, she knows to differentiate what is friendship and what is other relationships. Anupamaa says Devika too working and talks with men’s, she first time met Kavya today then how can she judge her. She says she knows Kavya from years and also know how difficulties she faced to reach the place which she is now. She says Kavya is her kids friend too and Kavya is one of the person who supported her in job matter.

Devika says a wife can see anything but not husband’s lie. Anupamaa says Vanraj never lies, she trusts him more than she trust God she can give her life but not the trust she have on her husband. Kavya says sometimes she gets angry on Vanraj but when she sees his possessive side she feels proud of herself and he looks cute now. Anupamaa says not every men’s are same and Kavya definitely misunderstood Vanraj. She says they too fights like every other normal couple but he loves her lot. Devika says her intention was not to hurt her , she just wanted to warn her. She doesn’t want Anupamaa to face the things she faced. Anupamaa says that won’t happen. Devika says she never lose any bet to her but this time she wants to lose and will pray to God for Anupamaa’s win.

Kavya says her niece need to shift urgently. Vanraj apologize to her for forgetting that. He suggests PG or hostel. She says her niece’s timing won’t let her stay as PG. She says her niece have to stay in her house only seems. He thinks if her niece stays with Kavya then he can’t go to her house. He says one house is available opposite his house and if her niece stays there she will get one chance to visit him. She thanks him for solving her problem. Anupamaa prepares for the janmashtami puja and asks Samar to dance to impress Vanraj. Samar teases Paritosh seeing Kinjal there. Kinjal gets surprised seeing the preparations. Anupamaa asks Leela to invite Kinjal’s family for puja. Leela gives permission to invite them. Kinjal says she wants to help Anupamaa in preparations. Paritosh says they have to go somewhere. Kinjal says they can go later. Samar meets the rakhi girl.

Episode ends.

Precap – Nanthini saves Anupamaa from falling and introduce herself to her. Vanraj asks Anupamaa to not mingle with Nanthini.